Psychothriller drama Khabza skillfully blends fear-inducing elements with entertainment

Raffu Chakkar Entertainers will present a psycho thriller drama Khabza that will give you chills
Mohammed Rizwan
Mohammed Rizwan

Psychothriller dramas are often appreciated for their ability to delve deep into emotions such as fear, suspense and exploration of complex psychological themes. On somewhat similar lines, city-based theatre group Raffu Chakkar Entertainers is gearing up to entertain you with a mind-boggling psychothriller drama Khabza that skillfully blends fear-inducing elements with engaging entertainment, making it a complete package.

Khabza is all about a boy named Amit, played by Mohammed Rizwan, who suffers from dissociative personality disorder where a person has two or more sets of thoughts, actions, and behaviours, each of which may be completely different. He believes that he is getting orders from the god of death to kill people. No, the story doesn’t stigmatise the issue but encourages the audience to empathise with the struggles faced by the character.

The director of the play Rafia Sultana, says, “We have tried to show how the negative thoughts of the character are controlling him. However, the play is majorly for entertainment purposes. We want people to feel engrossed in the story, get goosebumps and have chills running down their spines. The viewers will have a great time.” Further, she says that all the Raffu Chakkar plays start with a dance and end with the same. This one isn’t any different. The opening dance sequence serves as a powerful visual representation of Amit’s internal struggle between his good and bad sides. Apart from Amit, artistes Shreya and Anthony Kashimalla will be seen essaying the roles of Anjali and Tarun respectively. The play is written by Parv Chhatwal.

Although the director expects the people to watch the drama from the lens of entertainment, it was still a challenge for her to showcase a serious mental health condition sensitively and responsibly. “The story did require careful handling to avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes or stigmatising those who experience such conditions. I don’t intend to offend anyone,” she adds.

Mohammed Rizwan, the lead character, tells us, “It was definitely a task to play Amit because he exhibits contrasting traits and undergoes significant shifts in behaviour. Portraying both his innocent side and his instant transformation into an arrogant individual requires versatility, depth and a keen understanding of the character’s inner conflicts.” Rafia says, “Without horror sounds and lighting, this play stands incomplete. So, we have made deliberate efforts to incorporate various light effects and horrifying sounds to enhance the audience’s experience and set the mood right.”

June 25, 7:30 pm.

At Rangbhoomi Spaces & Events, Gachibowli.

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