Alchemy Theatre Society’s latest production adapts Agatha Christie’s play

The upcoming play is based on Agtha Christie's play titled The Mousetrap
A shot from the rehersals
A shot from the rehersals

Founded in 2018 by Satyam Gangwar, Alchemy Theatre Society has performed over 50 shows in five
cities across the country. The theatre group now brings their latest production The Mousetrap, is an Indian adaptation of Agatha Christie’s play of the same name. We talk to Rushi Patel, the director of the play.

“We are a group of working professionals, who have weekday jobs.However, as a passion we perform plays on weekends, mostly in Bengaluru but it’s a pan-India society right now. We have also performed in Pittsburg (USA), because we have society members there too,” Rushi begins.

A shot from the rehersals
A shot from the rehersals

Their latest production The Mousetrap has been modified to the Indian environment. Giving a sneak peek about the play, the director says, “The play is set in Dalhousie, where a new guest house has opened up in the name of Rosewell Guest House. There has been a murder in Shimla and based on the evidence, the detective believes that the murderer is present in the guest house.”

“The play will have eight characters, the same number that was there in the original script but for the purpose of our play, we have introduced a special element based on our understanding of the script,” he adds.The upcoming production also marks Rushi’s directorial debut. “As an actor, I had to prepare for my role and coordinate with other actors. When I started directing, I came to know about other challenges. From cleaning the script to managing the cast and crew, there were multiple responsibilities that I had to undertake. But it has been a good learning experience and I hope the play has a fruitful ending,” the director says.


“We plan to take the play to other cities as well like Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. There is also another play in the making right now titled Ghashiram Kotwal, which is going to be a new production,” says Rushi signing off.

₹400. March 11, 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm. At Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield

Twitter: @al_ben_so

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