Unmasked Productions and Yogibear’s English play — Running on Empty ought to tickle your funny bone

This light-hearted play, driven by two dynamic characters, will take you on a roller-coaster entertainment ride.

Sakshi Kaithwas Published :  24th November 2023 01:32 AM   |   Published :   |  24th November 2023 01:32 AM
A scene from Running on Empty

A scene from Running on Empty

Farce comedy plays, with their exaggerated situations, absurd elements, and fast-paced chaos, provide a fun yet intellectually stimulating experience. Including physical humour and mistaken identities add layers to the entertainment, making the audience feel involved, relatable to the characters, and thoroughly engaged with the storyline. Running on Empty, a collaborative theatrical piece by city-based Unmasked Productions and Yogibear Collectives, promises the same.

This light-hearted play, driven by two dynamic characters, will take you on a roller-coaster entertainment ride. Kedar Subhedar, founder of Unmasked Productions, skillfully embodies the role of a writer. Alongside, Chandani Agarwal, founder of Yogibear, brings to life the character of a woman pretending to be a journalist.

As the story unfolds, Kedar’s character is seen grappling with the common creative affliction of writer’s block — a predicament familiar to many in the realm of writing. To help him out, his agent orchestrates an unconventional solution: a rendezvous with a young woman, played by Chandani, pretending to be a journalist, who comes to interview him. Thereafter, the encounter sparks a sequence of unpredictable events, culminating in uproarious chaos and abundant humour. The comic escapades of the duo will leave the audience thoroughly entertained.

Chandani, a dedicated theatre practitioner, shares that the character served as a canvas for her inner child to emerge, unveiling a playful side marked by a little bit of mischief and naughtiness. She says, “In contrast to the comparatively older characters I’ve portrayed, this play allows me to embody a young girl. She exudes wit, a happy-golucky demeanour, and a delightful silliness. While she enjoys going with the flow, her naivety coexists with a surprising level of intelligence and creativity, especially in her approach to work.”

Kedar expresses that he aims to offer an enjoyable encounter with English theatre, encouraging appreciation for its distinct vibrancy. He tells us, “Those who are writers or anyone in the creative field will be able to resonate with the struggles of the character. People will get to know the challenges faced by a writer and the way he overcomes the hurdles and earns a livelihood.”

He further says that the audience will be introduced to a whole new world altogether through Running on empty. “I selected this play because I could vividly relate to and envision the characters, understanding their behavioural nuances and thought processes. I find it exceptionally humorous. Its uniqueness lies in the verbal comedy, offering a refreshing take that sets it apart. The entire mood of the play, filled with laughter, ensures a standout experience for the audience,” adds Kedar.

Rs 350. November 26. 7.45 pm.

Rangbhoomi Spaces & Events, Gachibowli