City-based Theatre Group Samahaara returns with a double bill of Telugu dramas

Kaala Dharmam is steeped in tragedy, while Pelli Sandad is brimming with comedy
Cast members of the play Kaala Dharmam
Cast members of the play Kaala Dharmam

Theatrical presentations possess a remarkable ability to take us on an extraordinary journey through a whirlwind of emotions. Keeping this in mind, prepare to embark on an emotional rollercoaster that culminates in laughter as city-based Samahaara Theatre presents a captivating double bill of Telugu dramas. The evening will kick off with writer Sriraj’s play, Kaala Dharmam, followed by Thotapalli Madhu’s comedy, Pelli Sandadi.

The artistes will commence with a stirring performance of Kaala Dharmam, a play that masterfully showcases a tragedy, delving deep into the complexities of human emotions. The plot revolves around a middle-class family struggling with debt, where Bhanu, the main character, fights relentlessly to protect their world from collapsing. Tragedy strikes when a devastating train accident claims Bhanu’s life. However, a twist in the tale occurs with Bhanu’s unexpected return, reshaping the narrative and infusing the drama with newfound intensity. The director of the play Rathna Shekar tells us, “The play explores the multifaceted nature of human relationships, highlighting how they can evolve and adapt in the face of adversity, ultimately unveiling the ideas of love, sacrifice, and resilience that binds families together.”

“With Bhanu’s unexpected return, instead of the family welcoming him with open arms, a wave of contrasting emotions sweeps through the household — sorrow and tension replacing the anticipated joy. You must watch the play to understand what exactly happens in the end,” Shekar adds.

Right after this, the stage will be set for the next play Pelli Sandadi. It is a light-hearted comedy that promises to leave everyone in fits of laughter. The comical conundrums and situations presented in the play are bound to strike a chord of relatability with the audience. Ramakrishna, in order to take leave from his boss, cooks up an elaborate story of getting married. However, when the boss unexpectedly decides to drop in for a surprise lunch to see the happy couple (Ramakrishna and his wife), chaos reigns, propelling the narrative into a havoc scene and comedic mishaps.

Shekar says, “Many of us can relate to Ramakrishna’s predicament in the play. We’ve all been in similar situations. The drama captures these moments from our lives, evoking feelings of nostalgia and relatability simultaneously.”

Rs 100, October 1, 8 pm.

At Lamakaan, Banjara Hills 

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