Zack Snyder confirms Justice League Snyder's cut will not be a part of DCEU

Snyder finally opened up about the future of Snyderverse

author_img U.Roy Published :  22nd July 2020 05:15 PM   |   Published :   |  22nd July 2020 05:15 PM

Snyder's cut is scheduled to release on HBO Max in 2021

The ‘Snyderverse’ fandom was ecstatic when HBO Max announced plans to release the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, fondly known as Snyder Cut. Snyder had begun work on the 2017 DCEU film but had to step down from the director’s chair after the tragic death of his daughter. A large chunk of post production work, additional writing and directing was handled by Avengers director Joss Whedon. Fans have long wanted to get a glimpse at Snyder cut and some have even wanted the cut to be independently released from outside the DC canon, and Snyder may have granted them this wish.

In a recent interview Snyder opened up about how the upcoming release of Snyder Cut in 2021, cannot be a part of DCEU’s continuity. “Frankly, the DC cinematic universe has branched like a tree and blossomed and grown in amazing and great ways. But for me, where [‘Justice League’] falls, I believe that it really sort of represents its own path. It’s kind of separate now from the DC cinematic universe continuity. And I think that’s a good thing,” remarked the filmmaker. 

Snyder and Ben Affleck during the shoot of Justice League

Snyder’s unfinished cut of Justice League will reportedly be developed into a complete film by Warner Bros. It was also revealed earlier this year that Snyder’s cut will reunite the Justice League cast and the post production team to finish his version of the movie. Snyder's team will be working together over the next several months on visual effects on his Justice League footage and edit it, add a full score, and every other aspect of post-production. Warner Bros. is reportedly spending more than $20 million to complete Snyder's Justice League.

“The power of DC and one of its cool strengths is its multiverse concept and where they put filmmakers first and go ‘We want to hear your individual voices. Take these characters and do a run and show us what you would do with a run in the sense of traditional comic book writing,’ so I think that that is a cool and amazing canvas. For me, I think Justice League…you know, I’ve heard some someone say like ‘Oh, so you’re entering the SnyderVerse now,'” added Snyder.