Two decades of Mohabbatein: 5 things that still make your heart skip a beat

Mohabbatein completes 20 years and we take a look at the memorable moments from the film
Mohabbatein poster
Mohabbatein poster

Mohabbatein had a stellar cast no doubt with Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan leading the way. There was obviously Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as well who’s angel spirit would make special appearances, dressed impeccably. The Aditya Chopra directed film (2000) also had three fresh pairs – Uday Chopra-Shamita Shetty, Jugal Hansraj - Kim Sharma and Jimmy Shergill-Preeti Jhangiani, who acted as SRK’s pet projects aka favourite students to prove Big B aka Narayan Shankar and his ‘no-love policy’ in Gurukul wrong.

As the film completes two decades, we take a look at five elements that strengthens our belief in love and coaxes us to relive our high school memories.    

Dialogues of Amitabh and SRK

The film had some heavy-weight dialogues and the ones that were exchanged between SRK and Big B had the most impact on our hearts when we were naïve and ready to fall in love just like Khan’s students. Let’s remind you of the dialogue ‘Mohabbat Bhi Zindagi Ki Tarah Hoti Hai, Har Modh Asaan Nahi Hita, Par Jab Hum Zindagi Ka Saath Nahi Chodte, Phir Mohabbat ka Saath Kyu Chodein…” This dialogue gave us the strength to fight all odds. There’s another one: “Main yahan par surya ki roshni itni tezz kar doonga, ki woh aadmi Jo pachaas saalon se surya ko ghoorta aa raha ha, us he bhi apni palkein jhukani hogi.”

The songs

The film had so many songs and each one of them was for a different mood. From the romantic ‘Humko Hamein Se Churalo’ to the ‘Chalte Chalte Yuhin’ and ‘Pairon Mein Bandhan Hai’. We have all danced on these songs and hummed as well. Anand Bakshi and Jatin Lalit are to be credit for it.

SRK’s hairstyle

In the year 2000, all SRK fans started looking identical, thanks to his hairstyle in the film. The actor though had a very simple hairstyle with middle parting and fringes falling on his temple on both sides, but it was picked up big time by his fans.

SRK’s sweater style

It’s not uncommon for fans to emulate their star’s wardrobe. But this style of Khan wearing his sweater or rather resting his long-sleeved sweater on his shoulder with the sleeves falling in front, became a common sight during winters, here.

Kim Sharma’s silly dialogue…

We all remember Kim Sharma wearing the tiniest of dress and going to the market to buy something. And her knowledge of ‘dedh’ and ‘dhai rupay’. That made us all chuckle under our breath.

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