Diwali special: Here’s a list of engaging games for your card party

What are you playing this Diwali? From Drunken Jenga to table-friendly spin-the-wheels, the options are aplenty
Trivial Pursuit table game
Trivial Pursuit table game

What’s a Diwali bash without a good ol’ party game? A card game on Diwali is usually hosted to invite prosperity, but Gen-Z has made the party ritual their own by introducing fun, quirky games that can be played with everyone. If you want to stick to a card game, go for unconventional card sets, like Cards Against Humanity or even a funny tarot deck. If you want something more engaging or even a drinking game, there are plenty of great options online:

Majority And Minority

This fun game can get you drunk on white wine spritzers while making topical points or sharing a glimpse into your life. It essentially follows the would-you-rather format where players have to choose between two options (for example, Gully Boy vs Rockstar or blind dates vs Netflix and chill); while the majority voters are the winners, the ones in minority have to take a swig of their cocktails. This is a great pick if you’re on a tight schedule and only have around 45 minutes to sit around and socialise before it’s time for firecrackers.

Priced at Rs 799

Available at dring.in

Drunken Jenga

The drunken towers game is a great way to find out who’s too drunk to drive or even call their own Uber. The host will build the Jenga tower, guests will take a few shots (at least 2) and try to pick a piece out of the structure without dismantling the structure or upsetting a whole block. The catch? Every block comes with different instructions. Losers have to drink more and play again unless of course, they forfeit.

Priced at Rs 1,199

Available at thejuneshop.com

The Kit of curiosities

Your Diwali party is bound to have a few nervous strangers struggling with social anxieties after months of isolation. Open up this clever kit of curiosities which allows strangers to know each other better; the kit has 80 ice-breaker questions about likes, preferences and pet peeves. Instead of a straightforward Q&A, style it like a guessing game. Pair strangers and ask them to guess each other’s preferences or fashion it into a truth-and-dare round.

Priced at rs 699

Available at Treasuretales.in

The Wheel of shot

The most efficient and well-paced way of getting your guests a buzzed for Diwali? The wheel of shot game. Just spin the wheel and do what the arrow tells you to. You may be asked to do a double shot, or miss your turn or even pass a shot. But if it’s a party of seven or less, sooner or later almost everyone will manage to get some shots.

Priced at Rs 1,659

Available at Amazon.in

Trivial Pursuit

If you’re going for an intimate Diwali bash, this trivia game can keep your guests occupied for hours. Or you could set up a Trivial Pursuit table only for guests who are don’t want to engage in a drinking game. This game contains 2,400 questions across geography, entertainment, history, art and literature etc and players move around the board answering questions. When a player lands on a category, they'll earn the corresponding coloured wedge if they answer the question correctly. The first player to collect 6 different coloured wedges finally wins!

Priced at Rs 2,299

Available at Funcorp.in

Cards Against Humanity

If you have your heart set on a card game, go for a Cards Against Humanity deck; the premise of this fill-in-the-blank game is simple, one player asks a question from a black card and other players read out their white cards as answers. The catch? The white cards have the edgiest and funniest phrases. For instance: Q: It’s the year 2051 and the President is… Possible answers could be, Nicolas Cage, BoJack Horseman, a bowl of cereal or Harry Styles!

Priced at Rs 999

Available at Amazon.in

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