Here are five things you definitely did not know about Mika Singh

Mika also has a candid side to him apart from his brilliant singing skills that add to his oh-so-cool personality.
Mika Singh
Mika Singh

A power-packed entertainer- the best way to define our Punjabi munda Mika Singh! Always entertaining us with peppy hit tracks, Mika Singh defines charm and swag in a unique way. But like there’s always a candid side to all of us, Mika also has a candid side to him apart from his brilliant singing skills that add to his oh-so-cool personality. In an upcoming show called Secret Side on MTV Beats, Mika Singh reveals five things about him in candid conversations we bet you didn’t know about him. 
Mika and Cooking
Does singing and cooking go hand in hand? As impossible as it may sound, but for Mika, it surely is a cakewalk! Mika is known to be a brilliant cook and loves putting his expertise to good use in the kitchen. If not one of the most successful singers in Bollywood, he probably would have been a super chef today! 

Mika and his admiration for these actresses
Well, before you put your thinking caps on, we’ll tell you! Mika paaji reveals he finds Sonakshi Sinha beautiful and Alia Bhatt cute. On being asked about their singing, he is at his witty best but totally admires these two Bollywood beauties.

Mika and his idea of rejection
While we all take rejection with a pinch of salt, the bold and sassy Mika knows just how to tackle it - to not accept it as a rejection. For him, the word rejection doesn’t exist in his dictionary. That’s one hell of a confidence and we love that about him. 

Mika and his favourite game
Revealing another secret side of Mika, he loves playing billiards and he is damn good at it.  It is his way of relaxing and rejuvenating himself and he aces it like nobody else! 

Mika and his saviour
Our all-time favourite singer is possessive about one thing that is also very dear to him- his sunglasses. We’ve seen him wearing sunglasses most of the times and it is a part of his personality. He feels just putting on his sunglasses does the job and is like his makeup. It surely completes the look, Mika! 

With lots of drama, fun, boldness and action, catch Mika Singh revealing his never-seen-before secret avatar with Bollywood singer Akasa Singh on Secret Side, 17th September, 10am onwards only on MTV Beats

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