From Delhi to New York: What actor Salony Luthra learnt about action from Brad Pitt's stuntman

Forbidden is Luthra’s second film to be screened at the New York Indian Film Festival. The film highlights the evil practice of honor killing in the western world.

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Salony Luthra

Salony Luthra

The actress, Salony Luthra is now in the right place, doing right things. The theater artist from Delhi is following her guru N.K. Sharma’s advice that “script is a very important part of the performance.” Her first Hollywood project Forbidden being a high octane action flick for which she had to undergo tremendous training under Robbie P Smith, who has trained Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Al Pacino in the past.

In order to do justice to the role and bring out the rawness, Salony had to undergo a month and a half of proper physical training, as there are scenes in the film which has a lot of action. “I was trained in New York under the supervision of Robbie Smith who is one of the biggest action and stunt director in Hollywood,” says Salony, “What stood out for me is the protocol and the detail with which each action is directed and planned. I was specifically trained to handle the gun. The importance that is given for each stunt to look impactful with a lot of security measures was actually a very unique experience for me.”

While talking about Forbidden and how she came on board for this the actress says,“It is based on a true story and when I read it, it shocked me. It’s the story of a very courageous girl born and raised in New York City, who paid the price to follow her heart. Here again, I auditioned. This time via Skype, when I was in Budapest for an international project. Once again, the makers felt that my body language suited the character but were not convinced by my accent.” They then offered her the role on the condition that she had to develop her accent in a stipulated time.

Commenting on the topic of honour killings, she adds, “Honour killing is not just a third-world problem, as they call it, but it is present everywhere, across borders, religions, and sections of the society.’’ Forbidden is Luthra’s second film screened at the New York Indian Film Festival. She has had Kajal also being premiered in the festival circuit. In both, she plays central strong female characters.The actressis also garnering a lot of love from across quarters.

“I always wanted do socially relevant or craft-oriented films where I will get a chance to perform and convey the message,” says the actress who is very keen on choosing her projects. She thinks that short films are a great medium for the directors who want to pass on a message. “ I think some short and simple concepts which are impactful only needs that much time. I also think the short film format will exceed and decline films sooner because people don't have the time,” she signs off.