“Indian men are cowards” says Mandira Bedi on the latest episode of Troll Police

author_img Team Indulge Published :  24th March 2018 02:53 PM   |   Published :   |  24th March 2018 02:53 PM
Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi

A Woman in a man’s world has often led to men either questioning her capabilities or looking upon her as nothing more than an eye candy. Challenging this stereotype even before it has been openly addressed is the versatile television personality, Mandira Bedi.  An actor, anchor, designer, exercise junkie, wife and mother, Mandira has broken all stereotypes attached to women. Being the first woman cricket show host, a domain completely ruled by men paved way for women to explore avenues they had only dreamed of. Despite being the source of inspiration for many young girls, Mandira has often been subject to social media abuse, especially by men.

For reasons unknown, Mandira’s social media posts are been attacked with abusive remarks like slut shaming, body shamming and even rape threats. Being open about her views and lifestyle in front of her fans, Mandira decided that it’s high time to show her trolls how they should be treated with the help of MTV Troll Police and the host of the show, Zareen Khan. The troll had been making inappropriate remarks on pictures posted with her son and even went to the extent of calling her a ‘MILF’. A clear case of male chauvinist behavior, Mandira and Zareen together will show the troll, women power!

Commenting on being subjected to trolling, “I had enough cases of men judging me for entering their territory but it was largely facing to face so I had a chance to give it back to them. Now things have changed because, with social media, anonymity comes to their rescue but what I have experienced over these years is that Indian men are cowards. Usually, I don’t pay attention to such comments because on one hand I have women who call me their inspiration and on the other hand, I have body shaming comments by men. Even though I prefer to ignore it but at times, it's very disturbing to read such comments especially with the kind of language trolls use. It feels like an assault. The behavior of these trolls is stemming from the poor upbringing where women are objectified and confined inside the four walls.”