Julianna Margulies defends Matt Damon after he faces backlash over #MeToo movement comments

The American actress said that he shouldn't have apologized and was just misunderstood and instead he is very compassionate towards the situation.
Julianna Margulies and Matt Damon
Julianna Margulies and Matt Damon

Matt Damon has received a lot of flak for his comments on the #MeToo Movement, which he made earlier this and American actress Julianna Marguiles has come out in support of the Good Will Hunting actor. Matt had earlier said that not all men in the industry, like him, are predators. But he was later criticised for disregarding victims experiences when the #MeToo movement started. 

Julianna Margulies, on a podcast episode, told Katie Couric that Matt Damon shouldn't have apologized. 'I understood what he was saying. He was completely compassionate about what was going with people who are raping, but it's not the same as what's going on with people who are joking around on a set." The actress also went on to say that the dialogue has been opened, finally, after all these years and the reason the pendulum swung so far was that women because it's been bubbling under the surface and this tiny little opening happened, and we all just ran out of that one ripped seam. 

The actress who is famous for her role in The Good Wife said that she 'think what's important to remember is that there are also women who abuse their power and that this whole movement has been bubbling under the surface for years and it's only just the beginning.'

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