5 revelations you might not know about Bollywood star filmmaker Karan Johar

Here are five things that Karan Johar revealed about himself at a recent event.

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5 revelations you might not know about Bollywood star filmmaker Karan Johar

Karan Johar

Having been the most talked about person in the film industry Karan Johar never fails to voice out his opinions. Be it on stereotypes or his opinions about one's sexuality, KJo has always been forward and poised. Here are five things that he revealed about himself at a recent event.

1.  Recently, during a talk show titled We the women, the host Barkha Dutt asked his opinion on the myth of masculinity to which Karan answered, "Masculinity or femininity is just being comfortable on your own skin. I had been a daughter and a son both to my mother and she chose whatever part she needed. I would never want my twin babies to live their lives according to the stereotypes. If my girl wants to wear shorts, she should rather be called sporty and not a tomboy. I would never advise my son not to cry and yes if he likes pink, let him. I would never want them to be treated the way I was treated".

2. The DDLJ, K3G filmmaker has not often spoken about how tormented he was by his childhood bullies. "I was different from others. I walked like women when I was a kid and I did have a squeaky voice. That was when I decided to seek a voice therapist when I was 15 years to help me change my voice. And guess what! It was not fun. It went on for three years and those were the three embarrassing and torturous years of my childhood," said Karan Johar opening up.

3. Revealing more about his growing up years he further said, " My parents never found it strange when I always used to dance for the feminine portion of the songs. I verily remember me dancing for the song " Dafli Waale" from Sargam when I was eight years old. I imitated Jaya Pradha's dance movements and not Rishi Kapoor's yet no one from my family has never mentioned that I was wrong."

4. He further continued how he was taunted and trolled in the locality he grew up, "I was never made feel bad inside my home except when I step out of the house and the very moment the kids from the building compound and my school seniors living around would bully me for being a pansy. That was when I created an aversion for the word pansy. It really did scare me".

5. "I also had stopped taking part in the school sports events and all the other events. My limbs went different while I ran from the other boys taking part in the athletics. I eventually stepped back from everything I used to enjoy just because I was mocked and laughed at," said Karan, while disclosing the distress he had encountered as a child.


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