'American Idol reminds me of my own process, it re-inspires me': Katy Perry

Katy said to be able to pay it forward by caring about the kids and being a real mentor with advice that they can hopefully take and win the competition makes her happy.
Katy Perry
Katy Perry

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry says judging "American Idol" reminds her of her own process and that really inspires her."I mean, it's so beautiful. Like it just really reminds me of my own process. It re-inspires me. And it's that great American dream come true," Perry said in a statement."Like we get to watch it from the infancy. And, you know, there are a few people I can't stop thinking about based on their presence, their personality, their talent...the whole package," she added.

Opening up about guiding the contestants, she said: "To be able to pay it forward by caring. I care so much about these kids. And being a real mentor. And giving them advice that they can hopefully take and really apply so that they can win. "I mean, I'm just so encouraged by these kids and it makes me feel like a good person while doing it so I love it."What does she look for in the contestant?"You know, they're just looking for someone to stand out, to check all those boxes. I think it's talent, personality and story, you know. Talent, personality and story. And in that personality is presentation. And the growth."

"You know, some people can turn a little bit sour or like change when they come to Hollywood and they lose that vulnerability. They lose that relatability. They lose that connection. I think it's just people that they feel really connected to," she said.

Perry judges American Idol, which airs in India on Zee Cafe, along with Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. She says the team of the show is like family to her."Lionel, Luke and I have all grown really as a family. I mean, they feel like my brother and my uncle. We are so relaxed with each other and maybe that's a bad thing sometimes. But we have such a great chemistry all three of us. We play on each other's strengths," said Perry.

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