Penn Badgley's stalker drama You set to return with second season in December

Actor Penn Badgley teased the new season of You with a short video on Twitter, with a caption "Ready for a fresh start"
Actor Penn Badgley
Actor Penn Badgley

The Penn Badgley-fronted stalker drama You will be back with its second season on December 26.

Netflix has confirmed the second season of the gripping series will return with a few changes to the existing formula, reports say.

Murderously obsessive bookstore owner Joe Goldberg will relocate from his native New York to Los Angeles and will have a new love interest.

The tagline for the new season is Meet your match.

Badgley teased the new season with a short video on Twitter, with a caption "Ready for a fresh start".

Producer Sera Gamble, who also wrote the season two opening episode, insists the motive for her move will become clear to viewers who last saw the character confronted with his ex-girlfriend, Candace Stone. 

"We'll be going into Joe's early life in season two, and naturally we want to know more and move around in his entire life," she said.

"I will say that the whole time we're in the writers' room talking about what that story could be, or what flashbacks or glimpses into his life we might catch, this has been a guiding principle for us; he had a pretty terrible childhood and that does contribute to who he is as an adult. But we also wanted to make it clear that a lot of us had sh*tty childhoods and most of us don't do what Joe Goldberg does - we're trying to walk that line," she added.

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