Planning on an adventure holiday this Xmas? Travel vlogger Alex Chacon has some advice for you

Alex has travelled to over 70 countries in seven years.

Anoop Menon Published :  03rd December 2019 12:58 PM   |   Published :   |  03rd December 2019 12:58 PM
Travel vlogger Alex Chacon

Travel vlogger Alex Chacon

There’s no denying it, the realm of adventure travel is extremely risky. Especially if you plan to venture out on a motorcycle. Which is why we interacted with Youtube celebrity, veteran long-distance rider and travel vlogger Alex Chacon to learn about ways to reduce the danger quotient.

Alex, an American vlogger who has visited over 70 countries until now, is a medical graduate who runs a channel called ‘Your Guide to Epic Travel, Adventures and Lifestyle’. Besides meticulous route charting and checklist creation, here’s what you thrillseekers need to know before heading out on an adrenaline-filled adventure.

* For your long-distance adventurous ride, what was the one thing you initially packed and didn’t end up needing at all? 

When I first started riding, I had purchased a tent, warm clothing, thermals, and safety gear. The things I ended up using a lot less were my clothes. So, now when I travel I don't carry a lot of clothes or even equipment for that matter. The only equipment I carry is my camera gear, drone and tripod. 


* What's the one indulgence you're definitely buying for your next trip?

Luxury items I carry is my electric toothbrush and real tomato ketchup. In many parts of the world, they don't have good tomato ketchup so that is one luxury item I absolutely carry with me everywhere I go.

* What was the scariest situation you were in or the scariest thing you witnessed, during your trips to over 70 nations across the planet?

During my travels around the world in the past seven years, I have seen a lot of very extreme, sad and dangerous things. Some of the highlights would be—in Columbia, I saw a horrific motorcycle crash involving an elderly woman right in front of my eyes. Another situation was a friend of mine on another motorcycle had a serious medical emergency in Peru. We had to take him to a hospital and we had to have surgery performed on him. Another situation happened to me. I fell terribly sick with bacteria and parasites and I fell sick to a point that I lost 20 kilos in 90 days.


Alex Chacon

* What advice do you have for somebody who wants to plan a cross-country motorcycle trip?  

My best advice for people, especially those looking for inspiration at events like India Bike Week, is very simple. Any motorcycle can be an adventure motorcycle. I first travelled at age 17 on a motorcycle with nothing but my tent, long-sleeved shirts, my helmet, and backpack. I travelled 30 days across the USA with nothing but these items. Even now I do the same things albeit with a little more sophisticated gear. 

The hardest thing about doing something like this is getting over what your parents will think or what your friends will think. The best advice is just—go out and do it if it is in your heart and if it is your passion. I promise this is going to be the most incredible and epic and rewarding experience of your life.