Singer Shannon K, launches her new single Always on online platform

Kumar Sanu's daughter Shannon drops a new single following her collaboration with Sunu Nigam

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SHE is a child prodigy. Shannon K, the 17-year-old singing sensation, whose debut song, A Long Time, was written by Poo Bear, the producer-song writer for Justin Bieber, launched her new single, Always, recently on online platforms. Her last hit single was OMT (One More Time) with singer, Sonu Nigam. Daughter of popular Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu, Shannon, who stays in Los Angeles, and has performed extensively across the US, first performed on the stage when she was just three years old. She spoke with us about collaborating with Sonu Nigam, why her Bollywood debut can wait, and why she is just another struggling artiste. Excerpts:

Tell us about your latest single, Always.

Always is about love and heartache. It’s about being deceived in love, not being able to move on and then letting go.

How did OMT happen and why did you choose Sonu Nigam to be a part of it?

The idea of OMT came through one of my journals that I had written. I wanted to experiment and see if I could make it into a song; a memory. I sat down with my sister Annabel and wrote the lyrics of the song. Oscar-nominated composer, Kyle Townsend, gave music to it. It was a very memorable experience to work with such a legend, whose songs I’ve always loved listening to.

After dad, I think someone who is super talented yet down to earth is Sonu Nigam. It was an honour working with him and I can’t wait to work with him again. I am planning for more such collaborations but it’s too soon to talk about them now.

Shannon K

When are you debuting in Bollywood?

I don’t want to rush my Bollywood debut. I want to polish my skills further and learn everything that is there to learn and then come up with a song. Also, dad’s stature is too big and to get out of his shadow will be a challenge. However, I would love to work in Bollywood if given a good opportunity in future.

You have been performing on stage and singing from a tender age. Do you dream of anything other than music?

I don’t know what the future holds for me. Sometimes the career that we choose for ourselves doesn’t always work. So, at the moment I’m just having an open mind with everything, whether it’s singing, acting or dancing, and hopefully by the time I grow up I’ll know.

Your dad is a big name in Bollywood. Did you ever feel the pressure, and does it affect your work?

It is quite tough to make my own name as people know me primarily as Kumar Sanu’s daughter. I am always compared to my dad — why? I don’t understand. We all know that no one can beat the legend, not even his daughter! So, there shouldn’t be any comparison in the first place. People also think that it’s because of my dad that I got famous. However, I want to tell them that I’m struggling like an ordinary artiste because I’m in a place where my dad is less known.

You are just 17-year-old. How tough is it to juggle academics and a musical career?

It’s very hard to keep a balance between academics and music , since music is my passion but I somehow manage to take time out to write some songs and make some melodies. It’s what I enjoy.

Shannon with dad Kumar Sanu

What are your other interests beyond music?

I do have an interest in colouring, travelling and eating exotic cuisines. I adore the sunset and the best place to see it is at the beach. I also love dancing and shopping as well, apart from being a 17-year-old, who enjoys going to a theme park and riding the scariest roller coasters.

Any collaboration with dad happening?

I released a song last year called Magical whose Hindi lyrics were written by Sameer, and my sister and I wrote the English lyrics. I don’t have any immediate plans to collaborate with him but I would love to do another song with dad.

Who is your current favourite artiste?

In Bollywood, it’s Sonu Nigam and Armaan Malik, and in the international scene, Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande.

You wrote a song on anti-bullying. Is there any other issue that you have on your mind?

I am a firm supporter of equality. I feel no one is superior to anyone and that we all deserve to be treated equally, irrespective of our economic status or skin colour or even gender. I will definitely write about issues that affect me, but my fans will have to wait for it.