'I have an opinion but will keep it to myself': Alia Bhatt on Kangana Ranaut’s claim of Bollywood not speaking on contemporary issues

Alia said her dad Mahesh Bhatt has said that there are already so many opinions in the world, that it can do with one less.
Alia Bhatt on Kangana Ranaut
Alia Bhatt on Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is known to be fearless and says what she feels like at all times, and she even went ahead to criticise Alia Bhatt directly after the release of Manikarnika. However, while Alia did apologise to her, Kangana again slammed Bollywood actors for not speaking out about contemporary issues. The Gully Boy actor has now responded saying that while she does have an opinion she isn’t as bold as Kangana to talk about it openly. 

In a recent interview, Alia said she definitely does not have the ability to speak as candidly as Kangana does and she respects her for that. She also went on to agree with Kangana saying that maybe she is right and Bollywood actors do hold back on talking about certain issues too. However, she said that it is her dad (Mahesh Bhatt) who has said that there are already so many opinions in the world, that it can do with one less and while she does have one, she would like to keep it to herself. 

Kangana had earlier also criticised Ranbir Kapoor for not talking about politics, and even saying that once he said if he has water and electricity in the house, he does not need to. The Queen actor slammed most of Bollywood after they did not support her when the Karni Sena protested against her film, and also for not having an opinion about several issues after that including the Pulwama attack. 

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