Katy Perry enters airport without showing passport, netizen slams her for ‘disrespecting’ Indian officer

American pop star Katy Perry has been slammed by the internet for refusing to produce her passport when asked to by an Indian police officer

Katy Perry seems to have dominated most of Indian social media. First the pop sensation attended Karan Johar bash in Mumbai before headlining at the OnePlus Festival along with Dua Lipa. Now another video of the star has surfaced, but fans weren't too happy with the contents.

Katy is captured making her way into the departure door. As she tried to enter, security personnel asks Katy presents her passport. At first, Katy ignores the request. The uniformed man is seen chasing Katy down and demanding for the passport yet again. The singer turns back, gives her justification for not presenting the document and walks in. 

The video left fans wondering if the singer would do something similar in her country. "In her country, she would have reprimanded for ignoring the police request to show documents," a social media user noted. "It's so pathetic to see how they pass the security personnel.." another viewer added. "Why was the police not strict with her passport?" questioned another user. 

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