What are the well-known folks of Hyderabad doing this Diwali? Read here

From Adah Sharma to Amala Akkineni, find out what the celebrities are upto this festive season.
Amala Akkineni, Actress and animal welfare activist
Amala Akkineni, Actress and animal welfare activist

Everyone has been waiting the entire year to take their finest ethnic attire out, light the diyas and make a wish for positive and hopeful beginnings. Indulge asked a few of them about their Diwali plans and here’s what they had to say.

Gulnar Virk Krishna, Entrepreneur
For me cleansing my soul starts with cleansing my home. I want to make this Diwali a new beginning in every way. First up, I will be celebrating it with my family, husband (actor Aadarsh Balakrishna), and introducing a few festive sweets to my son, Nirvaan. We will also gorge on our favourite sweet Punjabi mithai, dhoda, which will come all the way from Delhi.

Adah Sharma, Actress
I will be home promoting two films Commando 3 and Bypass Road this Diwali and also shooting for something big that I’m going to announce soon. I am not going to light any crackers. I hate how it scares the animals on the road.

Priyadarshi, Actor
This year, I plan to get together with my wife and family to celebrate. There’s a regular puja as usual but for me, this festival is all about the scrumptious food. Also, the fact that the house looks beautiful when lit up fills my heart with joy. It really lifts my spirit! Every year, my father sits down with us and explains the background and significance of Diwali. My father recalls the time he used to burn mathabulu (sparklers) as a child.

Amala Akkineni, Actress and animal welfare activist
I want to spend this festival in a quiet manner, bond and have some quality time with my family — lighting a lot of lamps and soaking in the feeling of gratitude.

Simran Choudary, Actress
My dog gets troubled during Diwali. So I take him away from the city and its hustle bustle during Diwali. This year I am going to drive to the outskirts until the noise dies down.I am also planning a Diwali party for my family and friends this year. I want to organise a series of board games for everyone. And of course who can forget the food! This is one day of the year I get to indulge in some sweets and delicacies with absolutely no guilt!

Aria Krishnamurthi, Creative director
This Diwali, I’m going to be a little more mindful about my physical, mental well being and environmental surrounding. More family, less socialising. It’s more about spending the festive season with people you absolutely love. I would be lighting diyas at home, making rangolis and wearing freshly ironed traditional clothing.

Deepthi Sunaina, Social media influencer
What I love about Diwali is that I get to play dress up! I also help my mother with rangoli the previous night; I don’t know how to do it myself so I am just happy being an assistant. After lighting the diyas I will find a silent corner in my house and hide there from all the crackers. I hate the noise and the fact that it terrifies the animals.

-With inputs from Sri Vidya Palaparthi

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