'The black outfit is inspired by the Black Swan,' says director Rajit Dev of Nora Fatehi's Pachtaoge

The original song released last year and featured Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi and was about a lover cheating on his partner
Nora Fatehi in Pachtaoge
Nora Fatehi in Pachtaoge

Nora Fatehi's Pachtaoge, the female version of the original that released on August 14 has been called out for copying the look from Beyonce's 2014 track at Mine. The actress sports two looks for the song - the white angelic one that's allegedly copied from Beyonce, while the other is a black one depicting anger and bitterness post a heartbreak. Director Rajit Dev says that the black outfit for the second look is inspired by Natalie Portman's Black Swan. 

"The black outfit is inspired by the Black Swan and the concept of the video is not copied from it," he said.

The original song released last year and featured Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi and was about a lover cheating on his partner. The new video has a very international feel to it and is depicted through emotions. It is the story of a girl who had given it all to a relationship but faces betrayal in the end. It begins with Nora donning a white outfit which symbolizes purity and innocence with which she started her relationship, but once she faces betrayals, anger, hatred, and disappointment overpower the love. 

Nora and Rajit
Nora and Rajit

Rajit says he didn't want to go with the typical idea of storytelling and while explaining the concept of the video, he said, "This was a tough one to crack as this song was already made a year back. My challenge was to come up with something that should be different from the earlier video. So I thought of going out of the box. Visual storytelling through abstract artistic interpretations is what I chose. This is a complete artistic interpretation of love, heartbreak, and self-liberation."

The concept of the video was made by both Rajit and Nora and this is also the first time the Street Dancer 3D actress was seen performing the contemporary dance form.

The choreographer-director said that every emotion she showcases has a meaning, and added, "I wanted Nora to keep the expressions very subtle and all in the eyes. I chose a contemporary dance form to show the emotions through her body. Every frame in the song has an emotion. Rehearsed for four days before the shoot. She is very hardworking and it’s always a pleasure to work with her."

Rajit is happy with the response the video has received and said, "I'm loving the response from everyone. In today's generation people want to see new experimental stuff, be it a movie or a music video. They have spoken really great things about the video and they have loved the styling. I have read comments like, this is one of a kind and the first music video we have seen in a very long time. So it makes me happy and motivates to take more risk and do more creative work."

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