Lockdown diaries with Mantra Mugdh: ‘I have started a new audio show'

In an exclusive chat with Indulge, Mantra revealed that he is connecting hearts through his podcast channel. 

Heena Khandelwal Published :  09th April 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  09th April 2020 12:00 AM

Mantra Mugdh

Last seen essaying the role of Najib-ad-Daulah in Ashutosh Gowariker’s period drama, Panipat, Mantra Mugdh dons several hats. In this career spanning two decades, Mantra has been a radio jockey, television presenter, model, voice-over artist, actor and has also directed and produced several short films. In sync with present times and changing ways of media, Mantra is also someone who is making most of his talent in the world of podcasts. He has his own podcast channel, MnM Talkies under which he is producing a series of audio shows, including dramas, for platforms like Spotify, Audible and Saavn.  

With so many interests and hobbies, Mantra is not someone who would sit idle during the lockdown that has been imposed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in India. In an exclusive chat with Indulge, Mantra revealed that he is connecting hearts through his podcast channel. 

“I have launched a new show called ‘Love In The Times Of Corona’ which features conversations between two lovers who are stuck in different cities,” informs Mantra who feels this is the time for self-indulgence. “I watched a couple of movies that were on my mind like Tumbaad and Parasite alongside some old favourites. My library boasts of various books by Osho and I am currently reading one of his books.”

Many of us have a wishlist which we intend to fulfil when ‘we will have time’. When Mantra was asked if he had anything on that wishlist or if he took up any new hobby, he makes an important point. “Everybody has that list but most of the time, if something has gone on that list, it is because you never had time for it. And, if you couldn’t make time for it then, you won’t have time for it even in the lockdown,” he says and adds that he has enough hobbies already. 


But, if something has struck him immensely during this lockdown, it is the mother nature. “I am absolutely amused by what is happening - as if on cue of a stage call, the curtains were brought down! My infatuation with nature has gone deeper, upon how she operates. Our perception of life is very shallow and obscure, an incident like this has given us a major opportunity to observe and enlighten ourselves to the ways of nature. We are mere characters,” he signs off. 

Love In The Times Of Corona streams on Spotify