Life under lockdown: Hichki director Siddharth P Malhotra's fat to fit journey will definitely motivate you to lose the flab

The filmmaker admits losing 40 kilos in four months wasn't an easy task
Siddharth P Malhotra
Siddharth P Malhotra

Anyone who has lost weight knows that losing weight in not as challenging as maintaining the weight is. The phrase 'fat to fit' sounds impressive but to actually go about shedding those kilos, is quite an arduous journey. But the motivation to lose weight can come anytime, and from anywhere, like in the case of filmmaker and creative director of Alchemy Films Pvt Ltd Siddharth P Malhotra who lost 40 kilos in four months. 

Siddharth who is known for his films We Are Family and Hichki decided to lose the extra weight when he was shooting the Zee5 web series, Kaafir starring Dia Mirza. "I was in sheer pain during the shooting of Kaafir when I had a problem even walking a few steps. I realised that if I have to lead a troupe, I better be the fittest. No way, am I going down that road again," says Siddharth. He admits losing 40 kilos in four months wasn't an easy task. But, there was no time to laud the tough grind because before the producer-director could pack up the weighing scale and put it away, the nationwide lockdown was announced. With no workouts at the gym, no trainer and easily accessible good food, it was going to be really tough for Siddharth to keep his weight in check. "I realised this was my test. It is one thing to keep fit when you have all the facilities around you, but with no end date to the lockdown, I had to find a way."

It didn't take long though. Siddharth decided to go back to some basics he had followed when on his diet. These included intermittent fasting, keeping a step-count and not sacrificing the urge for a tea or coffee during the fasting period. "I worked on a schedule as close to what I did previously. I knew it was not going to be easy but when you begin to value health and think of your family, it does not seem so difficult either," says the director.

Although he hasn't stepped out of his house, Siddharth has so far managed to keep the flab away. "On most days I am able to almost walk 10,000 steps in the house. And because I am walking so much, I eat less and because of the walking, I get tired and I drink a lot of water, which keeps me hydrated as well. And more or less I keep long fasting sessions which are part of my sleep patterns so I don't feel the pinch there either," reveals Siddharth.

In addition, the Hitchki director also picks up a few weights around the house. While he has minimal gym equipment, thanks to his young sons, Siddharth sometimes just lifts books or heavy water bottles to keep the adrenaline pumping. "I have also kept myself busy with work. Virtual meetings are happening all the time so my mind is occupied and healthy as well," he says.

Wife Sapna who has been instrumental in keeping him on course has kept nibbles around the house - lots of greens and baked stuff. Siddharth also calls up his trainer and buddy Adil daily - because it is he who taught the producer the science of eating right. Chats with Rohit Roy are more frequent now - Rohit first goaded Siddharth to fight the flab. 

Additionally to all this, the filmmaker keeps his memorabilia handy to keep the motivation high. "I had released a music album in 2001, then I was very thin. Those photos are on the internet and also my phone. I keep seeing those photos and reassure myself." The most precious collectable however, is a photo that his wife Sapna has pinned on his phone, one when he was extremely thin. "That photo keeps me going because I think of myself thin and it shows how much Sapna cares," he signs-off. 

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