Youtuber Madan Gowri on collaborating with rapper Arivu to create Monkeys with 5G, a song on social discrimination

The track was shot completely on an iPhone and the video was produced using the Animoji format

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YouTuber Madan Gowri

YouTuber Madan Gowri

South India's topmost YouTuber, Madan Gowri, released his first video Monkeys with 5G in association with rapper Arivu, in the second week of May. 

Unlike his usual videos in which Madan talks about current issues and explains them in detail, the Tamil YouTuber chose to express his thoughts on class discrimination and divide through Monkeys with 5G rap song. Although many rap songs have been attempted on this theme by artistes across India, what makes this one unique is that the video is India's first-ever Animoji video, and is shot completely on an iPhone.

In fact, the video features Madan and Arivu in their animated forms. The artistes hope their song will urge people to come forward and take a stand against any social discrimination happening around them. 


A still from the video

Watch the song here.

In an interview to Indulge, Madan shares more about the song and his idea behind it:

What made you think of this concept now? Did some incident trigger this thought?
I have been posting one video every day for the past 1030 days. My subscribers, I prefer to call them friends, have always supported and encouraged me in this. This song is my gesture to thank them. I wanted to do something special for them, instead of my usual way of talking and sharing informative videos. That's why the idea of a song was born. But this is not just another song, it is a track with a message.

Why did you choose to produce the video in an Animoji format?
Error Culture, the lyrics video production team was behind the idea of using the Animoji format. I was all for the idea because I felt this would click with the children and youngsters since it is something new in India. Also this format adds to the edginess of the song. Monkeys with 5G is the first Indian song to be completely shot on an iPhone front camera using AniMoji feature.

What do you want the audience to take away from it?
The last line of the song says, 'Humanity is the only thing that matters.' Caste, creed, religion, race are all man-made concepts. These should never be used to measure humans. As a society, if we follow these divisions, no matter how technologically advanced we are, we will remain animals.

Why did you collaborate with Arivu? How was it working with him? What ideas did you guys exchange?
Arivu is a passionate and knowledgeable rapper. He is an independent musician, and just like me, he doesn’t have any family connections in the media or in the entertainment industry. We discussed a lot about equality, Indian history, the black history in the USA and the evolution of rap. In fact, we still have these discussions, and that has reflected in the song. In a world where nepotism prevails, we were able to work together as brothers with the same objective that is annihilation of the caste system. I am sure he will go places. He is true to his art in real life too.

Any new projects you are working on? Anything in the pipeline?
I am working on a short film, the story is based on my real-life incidents that led to the creation of my YouTube channel. And I am also working with another independent artiste for a song about nature and travel. I am looking forward to working with independent artistes in the digital space!

What's your message to your fans and followers?
They are not my fans, they are my friends. They have always treated me that way. I really do not have any special message as such. All I would like to say is that, treat a watchman and a Prime Minister with the same respect. A person's job, caste, creed or race shouldn't matter. Humanity is above all this. Equality is everything and Karma is a boomerang!