#KanikaKaCoronaCrime trends: Kanika Kapoor faces netizen ire, memes for careless behaviour

Kanika Kapoor
Kanika Kapoor

Mumbai, March 21 (IANS) While an FIR has been filed against singer Kanika Kapoor in Lucknow for negligence, social media is abuzz with criticism against the COVID-19 positive singer for hiding her travel history. On Saturday, the hashtag #KanikaKaCoronaCrime started to trend on Twitter. Netizens are also creating memes.

That apart, a meme that has gone viral on Twitter features a photo of the singer as well as that of a female cleaning staff. It reads: "Daily wage workers risking their lives to sanitize our surroundings so that the virus doesn't spread further. Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor returned from UK last Sunday, hide her travel history and upon return stayed in hotel attending parties. Choose your heroes wisely!

Sharing a photo of a local train coach being cleaned by several cleaning staff, a user tweeted: "One side some so called celebs are partying and one side these people are working so hard much more respect to you #KanikaKaCoronaCrime #CoronaStopKaroNa."

Another user retorted: "She needs to a made an example so that no rich brat or an entitled celebrity tries to do the same. Shame on people who try to defend such bio-terr@rists #KanikaKaCoronaCrime."

Netizens also started trolling the singer calling her "Super girl from China". Sharing a picture of Kanika Kapoor, a user tweeted: "We alert from corona virus which come from China. But we can't alert from super girl from China. #CoronaStopKaroNa #Coronaindia #KanikaKaCoronaCrime."

Another meme has gone viral on social media which shows a screenshot from a fake Twitter account called Kanika Kapoor @BabyDoll. It reads: "So what, If I tested positive for coronavirus after hiding my travel history and partied with a hundred people. It's my choice."

The meme includes a comment from a fake account with the name of Neha Dhupia @Roadieswali which reads: "Kanika, yeh thoda zyada hogaya".

For the uninitiated, Neha Dhupia was recently heavily trolled for her comment "it's her choice" that seemed like she was defending a girl for cheating in a relationship.

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