Tom Cruise delights fans with Mission Impossible stunt atop a moving train

Tom Cruise performs daredevil stunts on top of the train in Norway

author_img F Khatoon Published :  07th October 2020 05:48 PM   |   Published :   |  07th October 2020 05:48 PM

Mission Impossible

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise delighted fans with daredevil stunts on top of a moving train for the Mission Impossible franchise.

Cruise is shooting for Mission Impossible 7 and he was in Norway performing a stunt for the film that is known for its jaw-dropping actions. In the earlier films, Tom has been seen hanging off a plane and also Burj Khalifa. Earlier this week the internet was flooded with pictures of Tom performing a daredevil stunt on a high-speed train.

It was a treat for his fans in Norway who spotted the actor with his crew. The actor even waved and smiled at the fans who were filming him. Director Christopher McQuarrie later shared a picture of Cruise performing the stunt with a caption that read: “Norway's scale and beauty have left an indelible and defining imprint on our film and reminded us that anything is possible.”

The shooting of the spy film franchise was stopped in Europe due to the lockdown. In February Tom was shooting in Venice. According to reports a cruise has been hired in Norway which acts as sort of a hotel for the cast and crew of Mission Impossible 7.