Aashram actor Tridha Choudhury shares her beauty secrets

Actor Tridha Choudhury shares the secrets of her flawless skin
Tridha Choudhury
Tridha Choudhury

While watching Tridha Choudhury play Babita in Prakash Jha’s debut web series Aashram, you couldn’t probably help notice her flawless skin and delicate gait. “2020 has been an amazing year for me. I am getting a lot of praises for my performances in Chargesheet, Bandish Bandits and now, Aashram. It was challenging to play Babita since I had to look a few years older than I am. Hence I gained a few kilos more to look mature, strong and firm,” shares Tridha. We got in touch with the Mumbai-based actor to get an idea of her beauty secrets. Excerpts:

What are the skincare products you can’t live without?

2020 has restored my skin that had undergone a lot of damage in 2019 due to the hectic schedule I had. I was shooting simultaneously for about three-four projects and that took a toll on my skin. So, 2020, gave me ample time to undo the damage. I use Advanced Night Repair Serum from Estee Lauder and La Shield’s SPF 40 sunscreen.

What’s your daily beauty regimen like?

I take a lot of vitamin supplements and use jade massage rollers on my skin for proper circulation.

<em>Tridha Choudhury</em>
Tridha Choudhury

The beauty and makeup essentials in your bag?

It’ll definitely be wet wipes and I love face mists. When I travel overseas I pick up Evian Spring Thermal Water in bulk. There’s also a small compact mirror from Dior in my bag.

How did you keep fit during the lockdown?

The lockdown has helped me shed a lot of weight. I am walking and running a lot and also playing a lot of basketball, which is keeping me fit.

<em>Tridha Choudhury</em>
Tridha Choudhury

What's your daily diet?

I am not too picky. More than a balanced diet, I believe in not consuming certain things. Sugar is the culprit in everyone’s diet and I control the additional intake of sugar strictly. Also, for four days a week, I follow the intermittent diet where I skip breakfast and have brunch and then early dinner.

Any beauty hacks you swear by?

It’s a very good night’s sleep actually and I do not consume alcohol or sugar the night before a very important video shoot. In video shoots, you cannot afford to look puffy or tired.

One comfort food and drink?

Homemade daal khichdi with double tadka and pickles is my favourite when I am low and drink on the side would be masala chaas. I also love drinking coconut water.

What are the future projects you are a part of?

I will soon be seen in a Bengali biopic where I will essay the role of a legendary actress.



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