Actor Madhumita Sarcar takes us through her journey as a musician in the film Tangra Blues

Tangra Blues sees Madhumita Sarcar play a musician
A still from Tangra Blues
A still from Tangra Blues

A lukewarm response to her much-anticipated debut in Love Aj Kal Porshu opposite Arjun Chakrabarty hasn’t dampened television star Madhumita Sarcar’s spirits even a bit. With her film Cheeni earning appreciation from all quarters, the actor is back with her third theatrical release, Tangra Blues, a music thriller directed by Supriyo Sen.

Madhumita plays a young music producer, Joyee, who returns to Kolkata to live with her father in a neighbourhood adjacent to Tangra, infamous for its notorious slums. The story revolves around how a chance meeting with once-famous musician Sanjib Mondal (played by Parambrata Chattopadhyay) who’s trying to set up a band with kids from the neighbouring slums, changes the course of her life forever. The movie released yesterday on the occasion of Poila Baisakh and we had a short chat with the bubbly actor about her role and more. Excerpts:

<em>Madhumita Sarcar and Parambrata Chatterjee in Tangra Blues</em>
Madhumita Sarcar and Parambrata Chatterjee in Tangra Blues

Tell us about your character Joyee and how you prepared for the same?

Joyee is a music producer from Mumbai and basically is the audience’s eyes and ears in the movie. She is the narrator in the film who takes the audience through the journey. It’s how her course of life changes due to certain incidents when she returns to Kolkata.

<em>Madhumita Sarcar </em>
Madhumita Sarcar 

My intention from the beginning was to look very different from how I have looked on screen, so far. I have had musician friends since my school and college days hence picking up their body language was not that difficult with a little bit of research. And I had always been very passionate about music so that helped me a lot in acting out Joyee’s passion for music.

Your debut movie was with Arjun Chakraborty and now this one with Parambrata. How was the experience of acting with Parambrata?

Parambrata never let me feel that I am working with a senior actor. He would tell me if I needed to change a particular scene or the way I am delivering dialogue and was flexible and accommodative throughout the shoot.

<em>Madhumita Sarcar in Tangra Blues</em>
Madhumita Sarcar in Tangra Blues

What are your upcoming projects?

As of now, no new projects, I only hope this film works well at the box office for me to bag more offers.

How do you plan to grow as an actor?

I love exploring different characters and love doing homework for the same. Preparing for roles before the shoot is the best phase during the entire filming process.

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