Health special: Actor Rumana Molla is very particular about what she eats

The actor is getting praised for her role in recently-released Bawri Chhori
Rumana Molla
Rumana Molla

Born in West Virginia, actor Rumana Molla, who grew up in Belgium, packs quite a punch with proficiency in five languages. The girl whose filmography includes Pyaar ka Punchnama 2, Irada, Trial of Satyam Kaushik and Virgin Bhanupriya besides webs shows such as Life Sahi Hai, It’s Not that Simple and Dev DD is winning appreciation for her role in Bawri Chhori that released on Eros Now this Valentine‘s Day. We had a chat with the emerging actor about her role in the same, her health and beauty secrets and more. Excerpts:

Tell us a little about your role in Bawri Chhori and how did you prepare for the same?

I play Ana, an aspiring British model, who was homeless for several years. She meets Radhika and is extremely vulnerable, but tries to keep up a facade. I had to work on two things primarily, one was the accent and the second was to find out about teenagers who are homeless. I watched a lot of documentaries about teenagers who were homeless since I only got to the UK a couple of days before the shoot.

<em>Rumana Molla</em>
Rumana Molla

What are your other upcoming projects?

Dev DD 2 is also releasing this month. Also, I have an exciting show coming up on cricket called Game of the Sexes.

Tell us about your hair and skincare regimens?

I wash my face twice a day and use Avene’s Cleanance face wash as it’s good for combination skin. I use a moisturiser that has SPF in the morning and chemical-free night cream from Blue Nectar. I also use the Neem Himalaya face pack once a week. I like to apply homemade masks and it depends on what’s available. Once in a while, I massage my face with Physalis jojoba oil.

As for my hair, I try not to wash it too often, maybe thrice a week mostly and I use the Sebamed revitalising shampoo and conditioner. I also apply curd or aloe vera on the scalp every now and then.

What are the beauty essentials always in your bag?

I always have my Carnex lip balm and a Vichy sunscreen stick. I find sticks easier to use when I’m out.

<em>Rumana Molla</em>
Rumana Molla

Your diet routine?

I am extremely particular about what I eat, to the point where people are annoyed with me. I have quit sugar, I am trying to become a vegetarian and I mostly eat very bland food. I have oats with fruits for breakfast. My lunch is mostly with quinoa or brown rice with vegetables. I also like to make crepes with amaranth flour, egg whites and almond milk, that’s my substitute for bread/roti. I would have that with veggies, eggs or chicken cooked with olive oil. I also love simple salads.

<em>Rumana Molla</em>
Rumana Molla

Any comfort food?

I love sugar-free ice cream and cheesecake.

A health shot you have every day?

I usually have hot water with apple cider vinegar or lemon water.

What’s your fitness routine?

I work out every day except for Sundays. But I don’t go to the gym. I follow videos and workout in the morning before breakfast. I have been following Sean T and his Max Thirty Insanity program for a long time but sometimes I also follow Youtube channels such as Fitness Blenders.

What are your fashion choices?

I don’t follow fashion trends as such. I am obsessed with denim and white tops and I love long flowy dresses in floral prints. If in doubt, I would go for one of these two options.


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