Bollywood producers don't have the money or talent to cater to OTT audience: Abhay Deol

author_img IANS Published :  25th February 2021 02:55 PM   |   Published :   |  25th February 2021 02:55 PM
Abhay Deol Instagram Post

Abhay Deol

In a recent interview given to IANS, actor Abhay Deol claimed that Bollywood producers neither have the money nor talent to cater to audiences who want something beyond the popular and the mainstream. He also added that OTT platforms have emerged as a good space for independent filmmakers and budding actors to showcase talent.

As per reports, he said, "OTT platforms are limited space for content, not at the mercy of physical multiplexes and single-screen cinemas that usually get taken over by bigger movies, bigger studio films and producers that don't allow space for newer ideas and talent to be exhibited. While the OTT platforms have to make popular cinema as they should, they have the ability to cater to those who want something outside of the popular and the mainstream. Only they can do that. Bollywood producers can't do that. They don't have the money or even the talent to do that."

As an actor, does it make a difference to him if his film releases on the digital platform instead of having a theatrical release? he was asked. He reportedly shared, "It's the wave of the future. While it would be nice to see something on the big screen, I'm not going to fight technology. I'm more concerned about making what I want to make, and being true to my product than I am about where it is going to be shown. Sure I'd love if it goes theatrical but if that means I have to compromise on my craft and creativity, then I'd rather go to an OTT platform. So it's a bit of a give and take I suppose." 

Abhay returns to the OTT screen with the upcoming web series 1962: The War In The Hills directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. On his character in the series, he says: "I play Major Suraj Singh. He is a family man who has a wife and a little daughter. He is extremely brave, loyal to his country, devoted to the Army, a doting father, a loving husband, never shies away from a challenge, he has a lot of integrity and is dedicated to his soldiers and his country."