Netaji actor Abhishek Bose is winning hearts as a musician in Gangaram

The new TV series sees Abhishek playing a naive musician from a village

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  08th January 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th January 2021 12:00 AM

Abhishek Bose in TV serial Gangaram

After playing the much revered Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on television, actor Abhishek Bose is back on the small screen with Gangaram, that's being aired on Star Jalsha for over a week now. After a much serious historic role, Ganagram sees Abhishek in a lighter character, which can effortlessly sing and play various musical instruments and works as a shehnai player in his father’s musical band. Not aware of his true potential, Gangaram arrives in Kolkata to play music with a local band performing at various weddings. The plot revolves around what will happen when his fate clashes with the rich, arrogant and beautiful Tayra.

We had a short chat with the much-busy actor about his new role and more. Excerpts: 

Tell us a little about your character, Gangaram?
Gangaram is a rural boy who is very much musically inclined and finds a rhythm and tune in everything that he sees, feels or hear. He is more into the earthy, rural and indigenous instruments like an Ektara, Dotara, shehnai and other music tools that take one back to the roots. He is uncomplicated and like a fakir Baul who has dedicated his life to soul music. Hence this character is a bit different from the ones that you have seen on television so far.

Abhishek Bose in TV serial Gangaram

A lot of series are being made based on music both for television and web. Is this a new trend?
It might be so and the reason for the same, I feel, is that we as a nation are culturally more inclined towards music and it's an integral part of our life. Indian culture is very much entrenched in music and songs be it nukkad plays, street theatres or films, songs play a vital role. Very few world cinema have so much music and songs as Bollywood films have. And recently we are also seeing a resurgence of musicals globally too.

Abhishek Bose in TV serial Gangaram

After playing Netaji, this is a completely different character. How did you prepare yourself?
While playing Netaji there was a lot of stress since it's a historical character and I couldn't go wrong in the body language. For Netaji, I brought out the serious and intellectual side of me. And for this character, I brought out my lighter and jollier side. Also, since I have learnt classical music for 12 years, that helped me a lot while emoting for Gangaram.

What's your personal fashion statement?
I like comfortable clothing and mainly wear denim and t-shirts. For formal occasions, I stick to kurta, sherwanis and at times blazers.

What are your upcoming projects?
Apart from Gangaram, I have signed my first film project, Shubhrajit Mitra's Maya Mirgaya, where I will be again seen playing Netaji.

Any director you want to work with in the future?
Anurag Basu.