Actor Jameel Khan finds his character in Gullak 2 relatable

Santosh Mishra and Jameel Khan have many things in common 

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A look at Gullak

Veteran actor Jameel Khan was sceptical when he was first offered Gullak. The script eventually won his heart and the popularity of the slice of life series encouraged the makers to make a second season of the same. Streaming on SonyLIV, Gullak also starring Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Harsh Mayar and Sunita Rajawar brings the relatable and interesting tales of the Mishra family. Khan, who has had an impressive trajectory in Bollywood, talks about finding his character Santosh Mishra relatable. Excerpts:

Did you expect Gullak to spill out to a second season? What is it about Gullak that got you interested in the series?

Gullak is a show which is very close to my heart. The popularity and success of the show have enhanced my liking for it but when I joined the show in season 1, I was somewhat sceptical at the beginning, because I didn’t want to get into the side which looks like television content. I am a film guy and I am not very comfortable with Indian television, as was always. When I got the script of Gullak, and I casually discussed it among my friend they pointed out how serious TVF were with their content. And when I heard the narration and realised that it’s an interesting slice of line story, I went ahead with it.    

How much has the series evolved and the characters in comparison to the first season?

The evolution is very organic, I think. Having kept the format intact, having small anecdotes of life in the episodes in a subtle manner, the characters have become more mature. For instance, Santosh Mishra has become more responsible. There are more layering to relationships. Also, the sense of love and care comes very strongly in this.

How relatable was the character for you?

I find the character very much relatable to my real self. Santosh Mishra for a very large extent is Jameel Khan and Jameel Khan to a very large extent is Santosh Mishra.

How much did you enjoy playing the character?

The character of Santosh Mishra is adorable. He might come out as a person who is very shallow but he is a solid guy with a lot of gravitas. 

Future projects?

There are two films and an amazon show called Baba Blacksheep that are next.