Actor Pratik Gandhi plans to hone his culinary skills 

Actor Pratik Gandhi wants to sharpen his culinary skills and make perfect Handvo

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Pratik Gandhi actor

Pratik Gandhi

Actor Pratik Gandhi‘s culinary skills are so dismal that he is capable of even spoiling a Maggi! Or at least that’s what he claims. Gandhi confessed the same in a free-flowing chat on the sidelines of You Got Chef’d Season 3, a culinary show that airs on Gobble’s YouTube channel. This is the Scam 1992 actor’s second culinary reality show and he says that he is on a mission to improve his cooking abilities until he makes his favourite Gujarati dish with perfection. Excerpts.

What was on your mind when you joined You Got Chef’d?

When I was joining, I had two thoughts in mind. One, I wanted to explore my culinary skills and second, Chef Ranveer Brar. I am a huge fan of his and I wanted to stand beside him in the same frame and cook something good.

How was the experience?

It was a mind-blowing experience. Initially, I was nervous because to date I have been just a helper in the kitchen and under the strict supervision of my wife, mother and at times even my brother. I am someone who can goof up even while making something as simple as Maggi! Even the tea I brew is never consistent, I am that bad. But the chef and the team made me feel very comfortable.

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And then you ended up making one cocktail and a Singaporean savoury dish?

Yes! I surprised myself and made a Singaporean pancake. All the credit goes to the chef who did not underestimate my skills. Also, he broke my myth that I cannot cook anything even if it were to save my life.

So now, which dish you would want to perfect?

During the lockdown, I did try my hand at making roti and though there is still time to achieve that perfect round shape, I can knead the dough properly. I want to master making an entire meal – daal roti, sabzi… Also, I would want to make my favourite Gujarati dish, Handvo.

What is your comfort food?

It’s anything home-cooked. I am a desi when it comes to food. However, I don’t mind being adventurous. Also, I am crazy about Bengali sweets, especially baked rosogolla.

Since you have a strong sweet tooth, how did you manage to stay away from them while losing weight post Scam 1992?

That was a tough task indeed. I motivated myself by saying, ‘if you want to enjoy these kinds of sweets for a longer time in your life then get back to shape!’ I did not eat them for almost three months. Now, I eat everything.

Your future projects?

There are a couple of exciting projects including a few web series and three Hindi films and one Gujarati film. I am ready to explore different characters and I love playing complex roles. You Got Chef’d is streaming on YouTube