Reality TV star Ramiz King wants to play more realistic roles

I would love to be a lead like Priyanka Chopra in Fashion

author_img F Khatoon Published :  01st June 2021 01:15 PM   |   Published :   |  01st June 2021 01:15 PM

Ramiz King

Ramiz King who shot to fame with MTV Love School loves being himself, whether on the screen or off it. And it is this bold attitude that makes him a regular at reality TV shows. The Australia-based model has been part of Ace of Space 2 and BaChashem (Afghan Bigg Boss), charting his way successfully in the show business. Ramiz, an alumnus of New York Film Academy, who is also into production however feels he is now ready to take the plunge in the acting world and shares with us his plans of doing more realistic characters in Bollywood. Excerpts:

What is it about reality shows that makes you a regular?

What makes me a regular is being completely real and transparent whether in the right or wrong situation. What I love about reality TV is people getting to learn from your good and bad actions and ideas and also being loved for who you are as a person.

Which reality show do you have your eyes fixed on and why?

I was offered two big hit shows - Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and Bigg Boss 14, but unfortunately, they did not work out because of COVID-19 guidelines. Nonetheless, my eyes are set on making new shows with MTV India or Colors as I co-produced the Afghan Bigg Boss, BaChashem. I also want to produce new shows like MTV Awards and give a new twist to the show on UTV, Beg Borrow and Steal.

One of the reality shows you did got you into a controversy. Your comment on them?

I always end up in controversy without even trying or aiming for it! In MTV Love School, Africa expressed her liking for me from day one and when we became partners in a sensual dance by default, she went for it and kissed me, and I think that was brave. Secondly, in Ace of Space 2, Vikas Gupta or the production team did manage to play me down with false accusations but the video evidence proved it otherwise. It was an unfair and biased judgement on their part but we all cool with each other now. I have always played fair and proven that with great power comes great responsibility but I tend to make mistakes too and get targeted because of my potential. I get into controversies back in the home industry too by just being myself which isn’t the typical Afghan.

News is that you will soon be making your debut in Bollywood…

Yes. I’ve been offered supporting roles in Vikram Bhatt’s films before but I never took it up because I always believed I’d do Bigg Boss. In fact, I came to India originally for it when season 9 was on air to pitch my idea for commoners. I never wanted to do films and be authentic in my role as a reality TV star but now I believe I can do it all and still manage to be an authentic real reality TV star and work in movies. I’m in talks for a Netflix project and I can’t say if it’s a film or a TV show but I get to play myself, a badass firangi who is also desi at heart.

What kind of roles are you looking forward to?

I would like to essay characters that are more realistic. I want to do films where the audiences can relate to me. I can play a character from rural India or a more modern guy from the urban set-up. I would love to be a lead like Priyanka Chopra in Fashion and show the world what it’s like to be a man in the fashion industry.

You have a good physique. Tell us about your fitness routine.

It’s the result of consistent hard work. Believe me, but I’ve been obese before and I have worked very hard to get this body. I have put on some weight now, thanks to COVID-19, but I am going on hikes and my diet is to eat whatever I want but no meal after 7pm.