Musician and entrepreneur Daniel Weber creates ripples online with his live show, Stories of Hope

Musician and entrepreneur Daniel Weber is creating ripples online with his Instagram live show Stories of Hope

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  04th June 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  04th June 2021 12:00 AM

Daniel Weber

There has been no greater leveller than the pandemic in recent times. Be it the elite or the masses, people cutting across all classes have suffered loss, despair, insecurity and helplessness. But it’s also a time to realise what people can achieve together to survive such times of despair. It is stories like these that musician and entrepreneur Daniel Weber highlights in his chat show Stories of Hope that airs every day at 5.30 pm since May 5 on Instagram.

Each episode sees Daniel, who also happens to be actor Sunny Leone’s husband, chatting with people from different professions, who are helping others to cope mentally, economically (or otherwise) during these trying times. We caught up with Daniel ‘Dirrty’ Weber — the name he goes by on Instagram, to talk about the same.

What was the idea behind the chat show?

Stories of Hope was conceived during the second wave of the pandemic. I was in a lot of anxiety hearing about deaths and despair amid the lockdown. I discussed with Sunny and figured out I wanted to do a show where I could bring people who would share what they were doing for their community. I wanted to use the power of social media to connect people and let them know that there’s help out there.

Daniel Weber
Daniel Weber

Did you expect this huge a following?

No, I was doing it for myself, to overcome my own anxieties and to help people gain resources but I never knew it would pick up as it did. There’s still a lot to be done and if it evolves into something else later, it’s perfectly fine.

Has the pandemic given you and Sunny the time to catch up with each other?

On the contrary, it has given us less time to catch up. Our children take up all the time. We catch up the best when we have work and we travel together for a few days with the kids back at home with their caretakers.

What else is keeping you busy?

I run multiple companies and that includes Star Struck Cosmetics which is in its venture capitalist phase. We are planning to expand it globally. I am also busy creating NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and I will be going back to the US soon for the music concerts that will be starting. Also, we are selling our home in the US and building one in India, so a lot of things going on at the moment.

Daniel Weber
Daniel Weber

What’s your advice to husbands out there?

I believe in loving as long as you can because everything ends one day. I manage brand Sunny Leone globally, which is a third entity. For me, she is Karenjit. For a marriage to work, one must talk, fight less and shouldn’t let small things ruin the day.

Sunny on Daniel

"Daniel is amazing at whatever he puts his energy into. I am very proud of him for putting himself out there to help people, not only physically with medicines and food, but also psychologically. Our mental health is so important and I am so proud that Daniel has let himself be vulnerable to show people that it’s okay to seek help. I hope his efforts continue regardless of the pandemic. He is a real-life hero to me, our kids and now to people in need".

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