Actor Vicky Arora talks about his character Bhargav in Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar

Actor Vicky Arora will be seen in Om the Battle Within produced by Zee Studios and Ahmed Khan and directed by Kapil Verma

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Vicky Arora

Actor Vicky Arora, who made his debut with Khajoor Pe Atke and also captured our attention as the antagonist in Nitishastra starring Taapsee Pannu, is currently part of Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar, streaming on Amazon Prime Video. We caught up with him to know more about his latest project and his plans to do action comedy in the future. Excerpts:  

 Why did you agree to do the series?

You can call it destiny. The show was offered to me during the first lockdown when I was desperately looking for a good project. Seemed like God heard me and Raj Kaushal called me saying I will have to play the role of Bhargav in his upcoming project. He believed in me so much that I could not say no to the part and I am glad that I took it up.

Tell us a little about your character.

Bhargav is the sweetest and most serious guy I have ever played on screen. He is an ideal son, smart, and respectful. He’s the most loyal friend one can have. Interestingly, he’s a unique combination of an angry yet polite man.

Did you find any real connection between yourself and the character?

I can be a great friend to someone just like Bhargav is. I guess I have the qualities of being sweet, smart and respectful.

Since this series is about heists, which is your favourite scam/heist film series?

Wrath of Man directed by Guy Richie and starring Jason Statham is my favourite scam/heist project.

If you were in Money Heist which character would you have liked to play?

Tokyo for sure.

What kind of characters/ genre do you want to explore more?

I think I can be great at comedy because I have a great sense of timing. Especially, action-comedy because I have years of training in screen action performance.

What is your fitness regimen like?

If I’m not shooting, I work out five days a week and since I’m a black belt in karate, I practise martial arts thrice a week.

Future projects?

You will see me in Om the Battle Within produced by Zee Studios and Ahmed Khan and directed by Kapil Verma. Apart from this, there’s also season 2 of Illegal 2 on Voot starring Piyush Mishra and Neha Sharma.