Actors Jeet and Mimi Chakraborty on working together for the first time in the film Baazi

Superstar Jeet is back this festive season in Baazi opposite Mimi Chakraborty

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Jeet and Mimi in Baazi

Jeet and Mimi in Baazi

After a gap of five years, Tollywood superstar Jeet is back to blaze the screen this festive season with his new release Baazi. But the good news doesn’t end here. Jeet has been paired for the first time with actor Mimi Chakraborty. This romance-revenge saga, a remake of the Telugu superhit movie Nannaku Prematho, is directed by Anshuman Pratyush and has been extensively shot in the picturesque locales of the UK and is replete with all the right ingredients including action, music and drama, to bring you back to the theatres. We had a short chat with the stars about the film and more. Excerpts:

Tell us about your role in Baazi?

My character’s name is Aditya, he is a guy with a high IQ level and is a complete family man who is responsible and dutiful and deeply devoted to his father. He has his own set of rules which he follows in his life. The story begins when he has to choose between love and revenge.

This is your first release after Bachchan, how do you feel?

My film Abhimaan was also released around this festive season. Having a film release during any festival has its own charm and we are pretty excited because around this time we have always seen a huge turn-up of audience in the cinema halls to watch their favourite actors.

Jeet and Mimi in Baazi
Jeet and Mimi in Baazi

What is your character, Mimi?

I play Kyra, the only daughter of business tycoon Krishna Kumar Vardhan. Kyra has been born into luxury and opulence and grew up in London amidst a lot of wealth. She is an independent girl who enjoys her life but then she meets this guy called Aditya (played by Jeet) and falls head over heels in love with him. There are a lot of twists and turns to the story from that point onwards. I didn’t have to prepare much to play Kyra because I somehow feel it’s easy to play a rich dad’s girl.

Despite Mimi being in the industry for a long, this is your first work with her, what took you so long, Jeet?

Perhaps Mimi’s dates (laughs), but honestly, everything happens in its own time and maybe it was on the cards for Baazi and we are happy as this film and the character allows Mimi to look her best and give one of her best performances.

How is Mimi as a co-actor?

She is a very talented and disciplined actor and a lot of fun to work with. I personally feel that she hasn’t looked this glamorous ever before in any of her movies.

Mimi: It’s also amazing to work with Jeet, there’s so much positivity about him and so much to learn from him. We share a cool chemistry and it’s really fun spending time with him.

Jeet in Baazi

How hopeful are you that things will be better for Bengali cinema, post-pandemic, Jeet?

I am pretty hopeful not just about Bengali cinemas but about global cinemas as well. Watching cinemas in theatres has its own unbeatable experience for sure, which cannot be compared with small-screen viewing at home.

And you, Mimi?

I am grateful that I had a festive release last year and this year too. We are all going through an extremely bad and tumultuous phase of the pandemic which has affected each one of us and especially the film industries across the globe. Here too, several standalone theatres have closed down or are on the verge of closedown and the multiplexes are languishing too. The onus is upon the audience now to return to the theatres and salvage the situation. We as actors and technicians are also trying hard to come up with content that’s good enough to get the audience back to the theatres. Now, the rest depends upon them and I am hopeful.

Jeet, what are your other upcoming projects, both as an actor and as a producer?

As a producer, we have filmmaker Sauvik Kundu’s (of Switzerland fame) Aay Khuku Aay starring Prosenjit Chatterjee and Ditipriya in the lead, among others. As an actor, I have a couple of other ideas that are in the development stage right now.

In theatres now.

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