Actor and MP Nusrat Jahan talks about her jewels and inheritance

Nusrat Jahan unveiled Mia by Tanishq’s standalone store at City Centre 2 yesterday
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan

Celebrated jewellery house Tanishq’s lightweight jewellery range, Mia, is sleek, elegant and a perfect choice for everyday wear. Kolkata recently witnessed the launch of two of its standalone stores in City Centre 2 and Jessore Road. Tollywood actress and Member of Parliament Nusrat Jahan was there to cut the ribbon and we took this opportunity to have a candid chat with the gorgeous lady about her inherited treasures, preferred jewels and choice of adornments at work.

What sort of jewellery is your type?

A woman cannot describe their type of jewellery since we go gaga over all sorts of adornments. Every piece of jewellery is extremely versatile, and there are so many options for each type of outfit. However, I feel a piece that can be worn every day will be more useful than the others. A sleek-looking piece that oozes class and elegance and is equally lightweight, is my sort of jewellery.

So is there any piece of jewellery that you like to carry for your everyday wear?

I usually wear a very sleek platinum love band every day. This particular piece will stay with me forever for all possible emotional reasons. Otherwise, I am not much of a jewellery person as I am pretty fussy about carrying adornments daily.  

I believe women invest in jewellery often but end up wearing them only occasionally. The only piece of jewellery that you will find me donning every day is a finger ring, I just love them.

What’s your most treasured inherited possession?

A necklace and earpieces my mom passed on to me. This jewellery set was gifted to her at her wedding by my grandfather and she passed it on to me. It is a typical, traditional gold set with a classic, old-school design. I feel more than the design what I treasure about it is the love and emotion attached to it and it is an heirloom piece.

Which piece of jewellery has been your most extravagant buy?

We always end up buying extravagant things and we never think about it as something overly expensive, especially when it comes to jewellery. So none of the pieces I have invested in so far has really been extravagant in my opinion.

What is your type of metal when it comes to wearing them?

For everyday wear, it has to be white gold or platinum in very minimalistic, sleek designs.

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