“It wasn't cool,” Hrithik Roshan writes to Burger King. Here’s why:

Burger King India pulled a fast one on Hrithik Roshan to make him their brand ambassador
Hrithik Roshan appears in a Burger King advertisement
Hrithik Roshan appears in a Burger King advertisement

Fast-food chain Burger King’s recently released video went viral and for all the good reasons. In what seemed like an ultimate Jugaad, Burger King had hoodwinked Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan to make him the brand ambassador.

The video shows Roshan posing for the paparazzi in film-city Mumbai, during which two men are seen carrying a banner and taking the opportunity to advertise Burger King’s new Rs. 50 Stunner Menu by placing it directly behind the actor, without him getting a whiff of the arrangement.

Hrithik later took to Twitter to express his disappointment at the orchestrated Jugaad. “@burgerkingindia, this is not done (sic),” he wrote while sharing the clip.

However, the story behind the tweet was cleared up when Roshan shared another video of him in a Burger King outlet captioned, “@burgerkingindia it wasn't cool but has left a stunning aftertaste indeed. #collab (sic),” revealing that the incident was a planned stunt as a result of his collaboration with the brand.

The creativity behind this marketing campaign not only grabbed the attention of the viewers and foodies, but also had other brands like Swiggy, Zomato, Spotify, and Amazon Prime pitch in.

“Free advertisement ka pata nahi, par free entertainment kaise dena hai woh humein definitely pata hai!” [We don’t know about free advertisement, but we definitely know how to give free entertainment] Amazon Mini TV commented on Burger King India’s post.  

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