Mother's Day special: Sandalwood actor Dhanya Ramkumar talks about her relationship with her mother Poornima Ramkumar

Her biggest supporter and strongest Dhanya Ramkumar bares it all about herrelationship with her mother, Poornima Ramkumar, who is the daughter of late actor Dr Rajkumar

Can’t live with each other, can’t live without each other— this pretty much sums up actor Dhanya Ramkumar’s relationship with her mother Poornima, daughter of late actor Dr Rajkumar. However, Dhanya immediately clarifies the present situation... “Now, it’s more of ‘I can’t live without her’,” Dhanya says, while Poornima smiles on. Calling herself a rebel during her teens, Dhanya (25), recalls several heated arguments with Poornima (53) just like any other mother- daughter duo.

“During my teenage years, Mom and I used to fight quite a bit... There were always disagreements. She has gone through a lot and obviously, didn’t want me to make the same mistakes. Little did I understand that during that time. I used to rebel and that troubled her. Now, when I look back, I feel bad,” recalls Dhanya, adding that she was glad that her mother always looked out for her. Now, if they don’t put an issue to rest by bedtime, Dhanya finds it unsettling.

“I have also grown up and we have reached a balanced space,” she says. Coming from a family, considered the first family of Sandalwood, Poornima — who never entered the movie industry — knew the repercussions of limelight. “I, honestly, didn’t have too much of a plan to enter the film industry and neither did my mum push me. But when I decided to, she was prepared for the route I chose,” says Dhanya, whose upcoming movie is Kaala Patthar, in which her character’s name is Ganga.

Although she decided to give acting a shot, considering it runs in her genes, her father, actor-producer Ramkumar, was initially against it. But her mother’s support was rock solid, which she is ever-grateful for. Biggest cheerleader and toughest critic. Poornima plays this role in Dhanya’s life. “Since she completed her Class 10, she has been very independent. It makes me very proud. Despite a hectic schedule, she makes time for family, which feels great,” says Poornima, as Dhanya gets emotional.

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