Navneet Kaur Thind talks about her role in Randeep Hooda's CAT

Directed by Balwinder Singh Janjua, the show released on December 9, in which Navneet plays a Punjabi folk singer.
Navneet Kaur Thind
Navneet Kaur Thind

Actress Navneet Kaur Thind, previously seen in Ragini MMS Returns Season 2, is currently seen in Randeep Hooda starrer CAT on Netflix, which is being well received by the audiences. Directed by Balwinder Singh Janjua, the show released on December 9, in which Navneet plays a Punjabi folk singer.

Opening up about her role she states,"I am playing a character called Boby Rani! This character is in the flashback. Boby Rani is a Punjabi folk singer and performer like how we had Amar Noori, Chamkeela in those days playing for big crowds in villages. They had a massive and crazy fan following. My character is based on similar lines. But not only do I perform, I go through something horrendous giving my character a beautiful graph to depict different emotions."

Sharing on how she prepped for the role she says, "I just watched a lot of videos of Chamkeela and Amarjot Kaur, Amar Noori to understand their body language, their attitude and dance steps on the stage. I have also seen few stage performances in Punjab as a kid so I could relate to the character and keep it real." She also shared her working experience with Randeeep Hooda she says, "I did not share screen with him. But have met him in several other occasions related to the release of this series. I have always been a huge fan of how he moulds himself to play any character. He has a very charming and humble personality. He is very comfortable to be around and doesn’t give an intimidating star vibe at all."

Speaking about the kind of responses she is receiving she adds,"I am getting amazing response. I have played a small part but it’s left an impact on people. I get so many messages everyday saying that I played the character with full authenticity. People are saying that I actually look like a Punjabi folk performer from the 90’s." Talking about the show she shares,"It is the first authentic punjabi series. The way this series has been able to grasp and depict the real and authentic Punjab, be it the sets, costumes, language that the actors are speaking in. It is all so real that you would almost find the characters to be real than being actors. It shows what adversities Punjab has gone through which I have heard of so much from my parents, my relatives living in Punjab. Being a Sikh, I can say I wouldn’t have found a better way to make my Netflix debut."

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