Actors Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani talk everything about work, love and marriage 

The actors were in Kolkata to promote their recently released film, Jugjugg Jeeyo

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  01st July 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st July 2022 12:00 AM

Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani

Both Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani debuted in the last decade and carved great careers for themselves. Now, they are paired together for the first time in Raj Mehta's film, Jujugg Jeeyo, also starring Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. This full-on entertaining family saga sees Varun and Kiara going through rough waters and deliberating on divorce. Despite the critics panning the script and screenplay, the film is finding favour among the audience because of the great performance and infectious energy of the actors on the screen including Varun and Kiara.

Since the film deals with the pitfalls of marriage, we had a lively chat with the very dapper Varun and dainty Kiara on what keeps marriages and relationships rocking.

Kiara, you have said earlier that you believe in the institution of marriage, so, when do we see you tying the knot?

Kiara Advani: When I decide to get married, I will share the news but I find people very intrusive when they keep on asking me about marriage. 

Varun Dhawan: But everyone asks here, that always happens in India...

Kiara Advani: I believe in the institution of marriage and I see myself getting married but if u ask me when I would say definitely in this lifetime.

Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani
Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani

Personally, what are your dealbreakers in a marriage or relationship?

Kiara Advani: I think relationships, in general, are very complex and it's very easy as an outsider to comment on what happens between two individuals. But whatever's happening between two people is personal and what they should do is absolutely their call. Even if I tell now what are my dealbreakers in a relationship or marriage, I don’t really know how I would like to deal with a crisis situation unless I am actually facing it.

But I'm quite an old soul and a romantic at heart, who believes that love can supersede everything else. I believe love is the only thing that makes you large-hearted and forgiving in certain situations and teaches you how to walk through crises.

Varun Dhawan: I have thought nothing in these lines yet, I just want to live my life. I know my wife (Natasha Dalal) won't mess up...I might. (smiles). I feel though we attach more importance to physical fidelity, it's the emotional infidelity that hurts more. More than your good qualities, it's important for your partner to know about your flaws. 

Does Natasha know all about your flaws?

Natasha is exposed to all my flaws since she knows me for a long time and we've been to school together. I am very self-consumed, especially when I am working and it can be pretty testing since she's not a part of this life. She is a very normal person who doesn't even speak in a very loud voice as I do at times. In that way, we are very different. But her presence in my life has helped me calm down and Natasha has taught me how to stay detached.

Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani
Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani

How would you have reacted if you got to hear that your parents too wanted a divorce like Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor in Jugjugg Jeeyo?

Kiara Advani: I would react the same way I did in the film.

Varun Dhawan: I would lose it completely and when I lose it, it's very bad.

Varun, why aren't we seeing you in more such films like Sui Dhaga and October?

I have always tried to build an oeuvre that's balanced. But audiences love actors when they can connect with them. Sadly, parallel films, don't collect much at the box office. But now there's a huge space for them as well on OTT platforms. 

Do we see you in any web originals?

I cannot comment on that right now due to legal reasons (smiles).

Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani
Kiara Advani

Kiara, you've been part of such hits films as Bhulbhulaiya 2, Shershah and Kabir Singh. But do you wish for meatier roles in films?

I feel when the audience leaves the theatre, they should leave with me in their minds and hearts and the characters I played, both in Kabir Singh and Shershah, had a lingering effect on them which is far more validating for me than getting bigger roles. Of course, as an actor, I would like to do a film that I can shoulder completely, but it's not always that the length of the role matters.

How was your experience of working with this Alia (Kiara's actual name)

This Alia is amazing and she has already proved herself in the last couple of films. Now, she's a superstar, but more than being famous, Kiara is very talented and she is merely scratching the surface with her talents. I hope she gets more directors like Shoojit Sircar and Sriram Raghavan to pull out the performance which nobody is expecting Kiara to do.

Your upcoming projects?

Varun Dhawan: I will be in Dinesh Vijan's Bhediya also starring Kriti Sanon and Sriram Raghavan's next film Ekkis based on Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal's life.

Kiara Advani: I have Govinda Naam Mera with Vicky Kaushal and RC 15 with Ram Charan.