Comicstaan Season 3: On-set secrets revealed by judges! 

India's biggest and coolest comedy show is back in season three with a new format, more opportunity for budding talent, and with a spill-out of inside jokes! 
Comicstaan Season 3
Comicstaan Season 3

Amazon Prime Video’s popular comedy reality show Comicstaan is back with season three to tickle your funny bone with plenty of laughter once again. Created by Only Much Louder (OML), Comicstaan is a show where stand-up comics from all across the country compete in various genres of comedy over a span of eight episodes. They are mentored and judged by some of the best talent in comedy across India. Even the audience has an equal hand in deciding each contestant’s fate. 

Hold on to your seats; there's much more fun this season. It will be different from the past seasons where the mentors and judges will be completely separated and will appear in a new format. The panel of judges will be helmed by people’s fav Ronny Bhaiya aka Zakir Khan, Pushpavalli fame Sumukhi Suresh, Neeti Palta, and Kenny Sebastian. Sharing their on-set experience, the judges emphasised how Amazon Prime Video, has amped the Indian comedy scene. 

Zakir Khan who joined the show in its second season and has been a part since then shares, "Comicstaan is not just a competition where we judge, and budding comics participate. It is an initiative to turn the audience's interests towards comedy as a field. We want every contestant to do well, so that comedy thrives as a community. That’s the purpose of Comicstaan."

Sumukhi Suresh, a veteran on the show underscores how such shows pave a way for budding comics. “Since season 1, Comicstaan has helped put many people on the map and brought them the recognition they deserve as comics. This show is essential for every single struggling comic out there with raw talent."

Kenny Sebastian, who had been a judge and a mentor for the past two seasons, reveals the judges’ secret code word on set! "When we weren't impressed with a set but didn't wanna be very harsh, we decided to come up with a code word for those situations. We used to say, 'The writing of your set is so strong!' Eventually, the contestants figured out what it really meant, and we had to change that."

Neeti Palta, who joined the show in season two as a judge and a mentor, and has been a part of it ever since says, "The contestants have come from all parts of the country. They bring in different flavours and a unique tadka to the show with their content, delivery, and mannerisms. It's amazing." Apart from the judges, the show has a talented panel of mentors such as Sapan Verma, Rohan Joshi, Rahul Subramanian, Prashasti Singh, Kannan Gill, Aadar Malik, and Anu Menon.

Comicstaan season three is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on 15 July 2022.
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