Kannada playback singer Vijay Prakash reminisces his friendship with singer KK

'The very first time I met KK was more than 20 years ago, during my advertising days'

Everyone is in a state of shock, especially the music industry and our singing fraternity. KK was an iconic figure, singer and a dear friend. It is very shocking and this loss has left a void. The very first time I met KK was more than 20 years ago, during my advertising days, when we used to do jingles together. I remember in the year 1999, he was working on his iconic album Pal and at the same time used to come to the studio to record jingles.

There are so many instances that we spent time and even travelled together. The whole industry respects him for the fact that he was somebody who never interfered in anyone else’s life but did his work sincerely and entertained the world. Nobody ever had any problem with him. He shared a cordial relationship with the whole industry. His fans always loved him because he was such a simpleton even though he was such an iconic entertainer.

If you look at his discography, the number of songs he had sung are not many, but every song was a chartbuster and a favourite. That is the kind of work he has done. What I know about him is that KK was very disciplined. He had a beautiful family with whom he liked spending time with. He always set the stage on fire during his performances. And ironically, the last we saw him was also on stage.

In the time I spent with him, I found him to be very receptive and warm, always willing to listen to what was being said. In one instance, we were on a flight together and during that time I had done a collaborative project with Berklee College. I showed him the work and he patiently saw the whole thing and had such great things to say.

More than anything, KK and I shared an old bond. He had a signature hug that he would always give any friend who met him. He genuinely loved his friends and fans. What I’ve lost is a dear friend of mine.

(As told to Monika Monalisa)

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