Here's how Neha Dhupia is pursuing her 'smooth and glowing skin' goal

Actor Neha Dhupia swears by time-tested DIY remedies and new-age skincare brand
Neha Dhupia
Neha Dhupia

Actor, Neha Dhupia announced on social media that in 2022 she aspires to have smoother and glowing skin. And that glow is visible quite clearly on Neha who delivered her second child, Guriq, last year. The ace Roadies judge experienced new changes in her body, post-pregnancy, resulting in a postpartum acne spurt. To deal with them she depended on some time-tested homemade recipes and Dermelogica, a gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan brand, of which she is also the brand ambassador in India. Here, Neha talks about tackling her skincare woes post-pregnancy and her skincare essentials.

What were the changes you experienced in your skin and hair after pregnancy?

My skin was on a roller coaster ride during and after giving birth. Exacerbated by stress, sleepless nights, and hormonal changes it was producing a lot of oil and sebum, which resulted in postpartum acne. I started using a serum twice a day, and it worked well for my skin. Also, a spot fader was another constant in my routine besides a healthy diet and lots of water.

Are there any home remedies that you swear by?

As a kid, every time I walked into the kitchen my mom would slather on a DIY skincare mask made with home ingredients and I loved every bit of it. While I still do love the connection and history behind these home remedies, I find skincare backed by science and research much more result-oriented and effective on my skin.

Do you follow any particular skincare routine at night?

My might routine differs from my morning routine. I use a Vitamin C serum instead of sunscreen during the night. The Vitamin C serum brightens the skin and prevents ageing. To help reduce dark circles and brighten my under-eye area, I finish my nighttime routine with an eye-lift masque.

Must-haves in your purse when you are stepping out?

My phone, a sanitiser, and my favourite skincare minis. I can’t do without good sunscreen, so I always have one with me. Last, a lipstick for a quick touch-up in case I have any unexpected plans that day.

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