Actress Priyanka Sarkar talks about her film Toke Chhara Banchbo Na and all things love

In this film, the actress plays Hiya, a very energetic, positive, and outgoing girl, unlike Priyanka's real self
Priyanka Sarkar
Priyanka Sarkar

It's the season of weddings and definitely the season of love. And taking a cue from that Surinder films just released their film Toke Chhara Banchbo Na starring none other than the very handsome actor Yash Dasgupta and beautiful actress Priyanka Sarkar. It's also the very first time that these Tollywood actors have been paired together.

The film is about a business tycoon Arjun, who after losing his girlfriend, immersed himself in work. One day he meets a girl named Hiya and though they are poles apart from each other, they develop an uncanny attraction toward each other. But Hiya, no matter how ebullient she is, also has her secrets and the film's plot beautifully develops around the same, taking the audience on a romantic journey with the couple.

We talk to actress Priyanka Sarkar, who plays hiya about her role, and more.

Priyanka Sarkar
Priyanka Sarkar

This film has been due for release for a long. How are you feeling?

It's a very nice feeling to see your film finally getting released. I am very excited about it and I feel after a stifling two and half years of pandemic-induced stress it's a great time to release such fun, romantic films. It's an easy love story that the audience cutting across all age groups will enjoy watching. The first half has so many moments and scenes and the film is like a fresh gust of wind.

<em>Priyanka Sarkar</em>
Priyanka Sarkar

You are paired opposite Yash for the first time. How was the experience of working with him?

Yeah, we talked many times about work before but finally, I am happy we are coming together in this film. The experience was great and we developed a nice friendship between us. Yash is very dedicated to his work -- he learns his scenes, loves rehearsing, and ensures the shooting takes place smoothly. We shot in Kolkata and North Bengal and from the very beginning he maintained a comfort zone for all of us and I am glad to get a friend like him and I hope to work again. What I loved about Yash was that he takes care of himself and is a fitness freak. He maintains a proper fitness regimen and even after a day's shoot he goes out for a run to keep fit, which is a great thing to learn.

Tell us about your role a bit?

I play Hiya, who is a very energetic, positive, and outgoing girl, unlike me. So, I found it very interesting and enjoyed playing the character. She is outgoing but there's a backstory and change in her. The script was so well-written that I didn't find difficulty in getting the drift of the character right. Unlike Hiya, who is a fun character, Arjun has a small circle of friends and has no time and energy for others and how the chemistry and equation develop between the both is very engrossing.

Tell us how would you personally react if you lost your partner?

I really don't know since I haven't faced that situation in my life yet. But I lost many important people in my life. At different phases of our lives, we get some people, whom we find indispensable but we often move on in life leaving a few of them behind us. Any relationship, good bad, or ugly, teaches us lessons and we should treasure each of them and their memories and move forward, Some relations will be for short term and some for the long term. We should try to treat each phase of life as a chapter and the people as characters of our life's story and move ahead in life.

<em>Priyanka Sarkar</em>
Priyanka Sarkar

How much do you believe in forever love stories?

I truly believe but not like I did when I was 14-15 years old. I still wish to retain that innocent faith because that helps crease out all crises in life.

Your all-time favourite romantic actor and why?

Obviously Uttam Kumar -- there's hardly anyone who hasn't fallen in love with him. Also, Shahrukh Khan, who has taught an entire generation how to love. Currently, I find Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone very romantic on-screen and in real-life Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt very adorable.

How do you deal with romance-induced depression?

It's natural in life that's so uncertain and full of stress, to get depressed. Depression is unavoidable and awareness about mental health must increase. It's very unfortunate that approaching for help for mental health is still such a taboo for a large number of people. Just as health is given preference, mental health should also be discussed -- it will help many people.

Who says sorry first when there is a fight with your partner?

It's difficult to say because fights take place for different reasons at different times. There shouldn't be any stereotype that just because he is a guy he should say sorry first. I think first one should resolve the fight and find the root cause and ultimately the one who over-reacted should say sorry.

Do you remember what you wore on your first date in life?

I really don't remember at all. It must be a favourite dress of mine at that particular point in time. I went on my first date long back, when I was 15-16 years old. But though I don't remember what I wore, I distinctly remember what my date wore on that day (laughs).

Any other upcoming projects?

A lot of work going on. Currently, I am shooting for Bibaho Obhijaan 2 and another film, Manab Jomeen will release next January. Besides, there are a few more projects in the pipeline.

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