Is there another Ghostbusters movie in the making? Ernie Hudson reveals

Ernie Hudson who plays Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters talks about his character development and what his character in the new movie has in store 

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Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore

Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore

The fourth sequel of the American supernatural comedy film is speculated to release next year. But while the audience waits for yet another addition to the franchise, &flix is all set to premiere the legacy sequel of the 1984 Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters: Afterlife on September 25. The Ghostbusters movie made a comeback in 2021 with a nostalgic spin to the Spielbergian family adventures of the same period. Directed by Jason Reitman, the plot of the film revolves around a single mom and her two kids. When the three arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. In a candid conversation, Ernie Hudson, the OG ghostbuster from the original movie who plays Winston Zeddemore shares with us his most memorable experience while filming Ghostbusters, why he became emotional on returning to the sets and more.

We hear that the fourth part is set to release in 2023. Give us a sneak peek of what your character has in store for the audience in the new Ghostbusters?
Yes, well my character in the original and the following was that of a Ghostbuster. But it has been 40 years since. Now my character has stopped being a Ghostbuster and is now a very successful international businessman. But when the world is threatened, he suits up and joins these amazing young  Ghostbusters to save the world.

How has your character arc developed over the years? Give us a comparison between Winston Zeddemore of 84 and the one that’s set to release in future. 
Winston in 1984 had just gotten out of the military service and was looking for a well-paying job because things were economically tight for him. So he joined the Ghostbusters. Back then, he wasn’t sure of what the future had in store for him. But now, Winston is a very successful man, who has managed to make a lot of money and is no longer looking for a job. He is looking to contribute and be an example for youngsters. He is much more confident than he originally was and wants to see other people succeed as well. 

Besides technical, in what aspects has the franchise evolved from 1984 to 2022? 
Well, in this movie we see a family that is connected to one of the original Ghostbusters but they aren’t aware of the Ghostbuster Legacy. And little by little they begin to discover the truth and challenges when the situation becomes overwhelming. The original Ghostbusters mostly came in and helped save the day. 

Share your most memorable experience while filming Ghostbusters
We had talked about making another Ghostbusters for 30 years and it never happened. I had pretty much given up on it and then Jason Reitman, the writer and director of Ghostbusters 3 sent me a script. I was really excited when I saw it! But what excited me more was to walk on the set and see Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd with their jumpsuits on. It was fun to see Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts back on sets. 

What were your thoughts on the return of Ghostbusters and the newly set plot?
To experience Ghostbusters is really exciting, especially when you see it with an audience and a theatre full of people. For me, Ghostbusters really is about people. We have Ghostbuster chapters all over the world and people are making our jumpsuits and backpacks. It’s a very moving and loving experience. 

How exciting or challenging was it to get back on the sets of the movie after taking a long break?
It was fun for me because my jumpsuit still fit! For one of the actors, the jumpsuit was a little snug and they had to adjust it. I have grey hair now and the backpacks are a little heavier now than they were but as long as the clothes fit it’s fun. 

People describe this franchise as cross-generational. How would you describe it?
Yes, I think so too. That’s the thing that separates this movie from a lot of films as the movie appeals to both the young and the old. It’s something that they can all watch together and share a lot of memories with their kids and old folks. That’s really special.
Did you feel the need to change or add something to the script while reading it or while filming it?
As an actor, I try everything I can to make what’s written work because I know a lot of effort has gone into writing it. Sometimes, you get a script that needs a little altering but I work with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, and these are improvisational actors. They’re used to changing and mixing things up. And it's fun to see them in that process. Jason Reitman wrote a wonderful script and it was easy and there were a few changes.

How do you feel about the reunion of Ghostbusters and working with Dan Aykroyd, Billy Murray and Paul Rudd?
I saw them in their jumpsuits with their backpacks on and I teared up. I almost cried and I hugged them probably a little too long. I’ve seen them in different social events over the years, but to see all of us together again was very touching and moving for me. 

Were you aware that a fourth movie is in the works while you were filming the third? 
No, but they’re talking about another movie that’s being written right now, and I’m hoping it’ll happen. And if it does, I’d love to be a part of it.