Sushmita Sen launches Nebula by Titan’s Art Deco collection

CE catches up with actress Sushmita Sen when she recently launched Nebula by Titan’s Art Deco collection. She spoke about all things time and wellness
Actress Sushmita Sen
Actress Sushmita Sen

An epitome of beauty, grace, and talent — actress Sushmita Sen — former Miss Universe, born in Hyderabad has left an indelible mark on the Indian film industry and is celebrated for her empowering journey. After proving her versatility as an actress over the years, she is back in yet another fierce avatar. In her upcoming web series titled Taali on JioCinema, she is playing the role of transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant. CE caught up with the performer at the launch of Nebula by Titan’s Art Deco collection.

Tell us about your association with the brand?

Titan and I go back a long way! It all began with a gift that my father gave me as a child, which was a Titan watch. That was his way of showing me the importance of time, the respect for it…but he also chose it I think because my name, even before I was called Sushmita, was Titan, (pronounced tee ta in Bengali, but which had the same meaning and spelling as Titan). The watch was very delicate, with a thin strap. So I think that my launching Nebula by Titan’s Art Deco collection, is life coming full circle and a beautiful one at that.

What do you like the most about the brand?

These watches have a lovely design story — they are inspired by the Art Deco movement that started in the 1920s in France and grew in popularity all over the world in the decades that followed. They are beautifully crafted and there is a meaningful story of inspiration. In fact I was told that these are inspired by the tropical Art Deco that was popular in India and especially Mumbai — a city which has the second largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world. So Nebula has an Indian soul but a very global expression. I like that.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

I love the watch I’m wearing, the Art Deco Automatic Watch from Nebula by Titan. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and has an open heart dial, that’s just a lovely thought.

How would you define time?

You know time is something with which we measure our lives... our good times, bad times. When I was away from films for a long time, some people said, ‘Oh, your time has passed!’ ... while others were like, ‘Oh, your time hasn’t come yet, so how can it go anywhere?”… so time is a celebration of all of that! And when someone call me timeless, I feel very happy!

You are known for your impeccable sense of fashion. What’s your mantra?

I don’t really swear by any mantra where style is concerned because it’s like all other aspects of your life, it’s ever changing! So one thing works today and another thing works tomorrow depending on your mood, your state of evolution and your experiences. One thing that’s been a constant for me over the last decade I’d say is comfort. Everything else comes second... because if you’re not comfortable it shows. And that to me is not stylish.

You are known for your fierce performances. What inspired you to become an actor initially?

I think since I was a child, I had one desire, which was to reach people’s hearts, that relationship that people have with their loved ones at home, I wanted to share that with the entire country, everyone. So that’s something I never forgot — through good times and bad, that stayed with me. What is your wellness philosophy? Oh, that’s a good one. Because I’m learning to change that philosophy a little bit at this moment. You have to have your heart in the right place. This is something I have deeply reaffirmed in the times that I live in now. Always have to have it in the right place. What’s next? Taali is next — I’m hoping that the honesty with which I have tried to portray the story of Gauri Sawant’s life, that honesty comes through, because it’s a tribute, more than a performance, not just to her but to the whole community.

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