Actor Siddharth Shaw on playing the lead in Do Gubbare

The actor talks to Indulge about the latest web –series, co-stars, theatre, dream role, and more
Siddharth Shaw
Siddharth Shaw

From playing a supporting role in the movie Love Aaj Kal 2 to helming the lead role in the series Do Gubbare, actor Siddharth Shaw is maturing as an actor. He plays the quintessential good boy Rohit in Do Gubbare, his latest, who forges new friendships and relations as he moves to Pune from Indore. In a free-wheeling chat with Indulge, he speaks on playing his first lead role, the experience of co-starring with veteran actor Mohan Agashe and more.

Could you relate to Rohit in real life?

Rohit in the series is a kind and generous person fighting his own battles and insecurities as he steps into a new city. When you put that in correlation to me as an actor, I think it fits beautifully because this is the first time I have also done a lead. The kind of nervousness and baggage which I had to pull off while standing in frame with such veterans was very similar. I also believe whatever character one plays; no matter how different they are from the actor, there always will be some hints from the personal life of the actor in it. Rohit is an exaggeration of the good qualities of Siddharth.

Do Gubbare is a wonderful tale of relationships. Which among the many was easier to portray?

I have grown up in a joint family. So when you have people of all ages around you since childhood it was not difficult to portray different relationships on-screen. I also love being with kids. If you see the bond Rohit shares with the child, Aarav in the show, what Azoba [played by Mohan Agashe] does to Rohit, he replicates it to Aarav. It also shows the dynamics of how he is transforming into what he is learning. I think my interpersonal life really helped me to go ahead and portray Rohit.

How was the experience of sharing screen space with Mohan Agashe?

I thank my stars to have gotten my first lead with a veteran like him. There is so much to learn from him by just seeing him work, even if you are not in the same frame. I remember when we were shooting we used to rush to the monitor to check the take. But I learned this from Dr. Agashe to not run to the monitor and check the take because he believes that the magic happens then and there during the scene. I have also started to believe in this and will continue to not rush to the monitor until the director asks me to.

BTS from the sets of Do Gubbare 
BTS from the sets of Do Gubbare 

Which platform among movies or OTT do you prefer to work with?

The pandemic was a brutal time for all of us. But the only silver lining was the OTT. OTT gave me my first lead role. I also did Love Aaj Kal 2 where I played Karthik Aryan’s friend. That was a big thing for me where I got a screen time of around 10-15 minutes. But in Do Gubbare I get to showcase my talent for let’s say 2.5 hours.  As an actor, I got more space in an OTT space. I feel that I want to eventually work in films only but the medium to reach films is via OTT and it’s a great blessing.

A still from Love Aaj Kal 2
A still from Love Aaj Kal 2

How has your experience with the Delhi Theatre Circuit honed your skills?

I got to know what scripts were, how you go ahead and start prepping for a character, how you build a play, and more at the Delhi Theatre Circuit. Essentially, I started doing theatre in Delhi when I was five years old. I remember my first two shows were The Sound of Music and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have always wanted to act and the first time I took to stage, the enigma and the rush I got from the audience in real time while performing was surreal. It pushed me to make this passion of mine a career today.

What would your dream role be?

My dream role is a Dharma hero who is singing songs in the snow with a girl in a chiffon sari and a jacket. I would like to do this stereotypical Bollywood film with lots of drama.

Your upcoming projects

I am doing a web series called Chamak and more projects to follow.

Do Gubbare is currently streaming on JioCinema 

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