ANNIV SPL COVER: Srabanti Chatterjee is excited to act alongside yesteryear star Rakhi!

She will be seen in a challenging role opposite Rakhi Gulzar in Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy's next, Amar Boss
Srabanti Chatterjee
Srabanti Chatterjee

The leading lady of a slew of commercially successful Bengali films, Srabanti Chatterjee has mostly been overlooked by the serious audience through her two decades of career. But time and again the vivacious actress has surprised them with impressive and powerful acts shorn of any glamour in films like Goynar Baksho, Buno Haansh, Chobiyal or Kaberi Antardhan. The actress will be seen in some really meaningful and big projects in the year ahead, and she took some time out form her busy schedule for a fashion shoot with Indulge while taking us through her work calendar. Excerpts from the chat.

<em>Srabanti Chatterjee</em>
Srabanti Chatterjee

Your upcoming film, Rabindra Kabya Rahasya just premiered at the panorama section of IFFI Goa. How does it feel?

It feels incredible that so many people just loved the film at IFFI. It’s a very special film for me since I love thriller mysteries. It’s set in the present time where Tgaore himself plays a key role in unravelling a mystery that takes us to London. I had a great time shooting for the film and I totally loved the plot. I play a Tagore song singer Hiya, who is a soft, reticent and dedicated person who gets entangled in the mystery. I am outspoken and jolly, quite the opposite of Hiya, so it was really challenging to mould myself.

<em>Srabanti Chatterjee</em>
Srabanti Chatterjee

How are you preparing yourself to play the historic role of Devi Chowdhurani?

Devi Chowdhurani has been always portrayed as a queen but here I am more of a bandit queen, who is strong and aggressive and combative, who leads a gang of men. For this, I am learning horse riding and taking training in martial arts and also, giving up on one thing I love the most – food. I am following a strict diet to stay fit and in my best shape to do justice to the role. Apart from that, I am having several script-reading sessions with the director to get into the skin of the character.

After so many years of your acting career, finally you are cast in a female-led film, Devi Chowdhurani. Do you feel hurt for not getting enough opportunities?

At one level, yes. I feel a bit dejected as to why it took so much time for people to offer me meaningful and lead roles that challenge me as an actress. I regret I haven’t been explored by the filmmakers here to my fullest abilities. But it’s better late than never and I am really eagerly waiting to do unique and exciting work.

<em>Srabanti Chatterjee</em>
Srabanti Chatterjee

You will also be seen in Nandita Roy- Shiboprosad Mukherjee’s next film, Amar Boss with none other than Rakhi…

Yes, it’s a huge opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited to share screen space with such a legendary actress as Rakhi. It would be my first work with Windows. I had always wanted to work with Shiboprosad and Nandita but somehow it never materialised. So, when I got a call from Shiboprosad and went to meet him and Nandita, I was overjoyed to get this offer. At this moment, I can’t divulge much about the role but yes, it’s something I am too thrilled to enact on screen.

Also, there’s Rajhorshee De’s Shada Ronger Prithibi…

Yes, it’s a brilliant film with an ensemble cast and I am playing a dual role for the first time in my career. I play Shibani and Bhabani, who have completely different personalities --- one is negative and the other is positive and I had a tough time shooting for both the roles in a single day. Also, the film has been shot in Benaras and deals with the pressing and grave issue of widow trafficking.

<em>Srabanti Chatterjee</em>
Srabanti Chatterjee

Any genre of movies that you would love to do?

I love watching adventure movies and I would love to be a part of an adventure movie where we go to some exotic place to solve a mystery.

The lessons you learnt in life?

Patience is so important. Nothing happens overnight and being positive and ready for the right opportunity is the key to success.

Your fashion choices?

It’s always comfort clothing for me. I don’t like doing my own makeup, and left to myself, I like to wear casual clothes like jeans, t-shirts and dresses. I love floral prints and vibrant colours and black is my favourite shade. I love wearing saris especially chiffons and georgettes.

CREDITS: Pictures: Debarshi Sarkar / Makeup: Babusona Saha / Hair: Gini Halder / Styling: Poulami Gupta / Outfits: Studio Moda, Studio Radical / Jewellery: Runway Hit / Location: ITC Sonar

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