Bollywood actress Mrunal Thakur on her personal fashion choices

The actor talks about her personal fashion choices, New Year resolutions and more 
Mrunal Thakur
Mrunal Thakur

When it comes to channeling sassy and chic fashion vibes with a streak of innocence, no one comes closer than Bollywood actress Mrunal Thakur. The actress recently became the face of Lenskart’s launch campaign of the latest collection Gulmarg, inspired by an immersive journey into the heart of Kashmir. We speak to Mrunal about the collab and her personal fashion choices.

Excerpts from the chat.

Tell us about your collaboration with Lenskart?

It's been a joy to contribute to a collection that beautifully captures the essence of Kashmir's pinjras. The Gulmarg Collection is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, reflecting the rich heritage of craftsmanship. More than just eyewear, it's a celebration of art, culture, and style. This collection beautifully marries the old-world charm of Kashmiri craftsmanship with a modern twist. With each frame in this collection, you can see the pinjras come to life, creating a timeless connection to the artistry of Kashmir.

What's your personal style when it comes to sunglasses, and what kinds of shapes do you love?

Classic shapes and classic colours because you can never go wrong with them! I love round, oval, and rectangular shapes as these tend to suit my face cut and shape the most. But I do sometimes like to experiment and go for some funky and quirky pieces.

How many sunglasses do you have?

Wow, I don’t think I have ever gotten down to count them! But I do have a collection that I have collected over the years from flea markets, stores during traveling, thrift and vintage stores.

Tell us about your fashion choices.

I love to experiment and dress as per my mood. I tend to wear personal outfits depending on what the weather is like on that particular day. If it’s sunny, I will dress up in comfortable kurtas and pops of colours or a fun blouse and khakis! I absolutely love the cold weather too because I get to experiment with layers, something we don’t get to do much in Mumbai. I love traditional and ethnic attire, and I also love comfort wear! When I have to attend events, I am a huge fan of power suits and dress up in them.

Do you like wearing saris?

I simply love them! I love to embrace the traditional attire and the outfits. Sari is such a classic feminine symbol of an Indian woman. I love being styled in them, and shooting in them! It’s such an eternally great outfit that I don’t think any girl or woman can go wrong with it.

 What are your favourite accessories?

I love earrings the most! It’s my favourite thing to wear for my appearances, promotions, events, and even when I go out in my daily life outside of the film world.

What does your wardrobe look like? Any special outfit that's close to your heart and you haven't parted with?

Yes, there’s a puffer jacket I got years ago and it keeps me so warm. It's really very old but it’s become my companion, now. It travels with me to every country I visit! It’s with me right now in New York.

Your skin and hair care regimens?

I love natural remedies. So, I love the classic oil champi! Nothing is more relaxing than that and nothing can be more nourishing for your hair. I only go for homemade face masks. I have been following a lot of the trends of Korean homemade face masks including rice water gel, for example.

Your fitness and diet routines?

I love my Indian food and I have a huge Indian palate! So, I have to watch what I eat but I ensure whoever I’m working with gives me the leeway of enjoying my cheat days. I work out with Rohit Tyson. Whenever I’m in Mumbai I work out with him in person and he’s the best trainer that there is. If I am not in town, I ensure to work out with him virtually regardless of what part of the world I am in.

Your upcoming projects?

I’m currently shooting for Family Star with Vijay Deverakonda which will come out next month. I'm excited about the release of Pooja Meri Jaan. I have signed a few more projects, but I will have to wait for the makers to make these announcements.

What are your new year plans and any resolutions for 2024?

I have to give myself more time. I think 2023 has been the busiest year for me. I have had multiple releases, multiple commitments, and promotions. I want to spend time equally at work and with myself and my family. I’m excited to do more work in genres I haven’t dabbled in till now and work with filmmakers I haven’t worked with before.

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